Two important issues face our District. The first is the encroachment of development on established neighborhoods. A community ca growth as our overburdened transportation system. The second issue is effectiveness. My opponent was judged by her peers as the least effective member of the General Assembly -- 100 out of 100. The whole range of issues that concern the citizens of the 38th District will be better served by a more effective voice in Richmond. We deserve better.Gwendalyn F. (Gwen) Cody (R), Incumbent; 3703 King Arthur Rd., Annandale Age: 63 Policy analyst, Public Service Research Council; member of the House of Delegates since 1982, serves on Cities, Counties and Towns, Labor and Commerce, and Militia and Police committees and on Veterans Affairs Commission; advisory board member for marketing and distributive education, Fairfax County public schools; member of Northern Virginia Legislative Committee on Land Use Policies; founder, Virginia Coalition of Parents Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse; has been active in a number of civic organizations. The most important issue facing the 38th District is the movement of people from, through and to the area. The district lies in one of the older, densely developed residential and most heavily traveled areas, where traffic gridlock occurs each morning and evening as hundreds of thousands of vehicles attempt to negotiate Rtes. 7, 50, 236, 244 and 945. Adequate state and federal funding is urgently needed to alleviate horrendous daily traffic jams. Cost and public opinion often make adding roads (and even extra lanes) very difficult and expensive. A combination of actions are needed: additional lanes and roads where possible to expand road capacity, modification and update of interchanges and better signalization to improve traffic flow. The improvement of other modes of transportation also would reduce the amount of traffic through the area. This must be coupled with greater commuter participation in transportation options: buses, vans, Metro, light rail, car pools.