1: Virginians today face many of the problems of a dynamic and growing society in such areas as transportation, education, environmental protection, the needs of our older citizens, child care, agribusiness and many others. In education, for example, we need reforms such as merit pay for teachers and administrators, higher standards of student achievement, better discipline and greater parent solutions to these problems in a responsible manner without raising taxes on individuals and businesses. This will require creative thinking at all levels of government, expanded public-private sector partnerships, the use of volunteers and other initiatives that will bring Virginians together in a common effort to solve problems and build a better state.

2: My opponent and I differ most significantly on spending, taxes and the role of government in our lives. I favor better leadership and more efficient government as the best way to meet the needs of our state. My opponent advocates bigger government and large increases in state spending, which, according to the chairman of Gov. Robb's economic advisory council, would necessitate a general fund tax increase. My experience as a businessman, attorney, teacher, legislator and community leader has given me a faith in people and what they can achieve with effective leadership. I believe strongly in our free-enterprise system and the creation of opportunity through economic growth. To fuel that growth, we need to limit the size of government and keep taxes low. My opponent has spent most of his career in various positions in the state attorney general's office, and his approach to problems reflects that experience. He looks to bigger government as the solution, and thus he proposes to create a new planning office, a procurement office, regional domestic offices and a new cabinet position. If he is elected governor, his spending commitments would require a general fund tax hike.