It's only a few days into the New Year and already one of the British tabloids is speculating that Prince Andrew is planning to marry. It is even said that mommy will approve of this one. Andrew, 25, better known to the Fleet Street press as "Randy Andy," has been noticeably discreet lately and hasn't been photographed with any former porno film actresses like Koo Stark or others who have embarrassed the royal family and made the queen a bit testy at times. If there is any veracity to the report of the weekly News of the World, Queen Elizabeth II approves of his interest in Sarah Ferguson, 26, a printing company sales executive and the daughter of Maj. Ronald Ferguson, who is Prince Charles' polo manager and a first cousin of Princess Alice, the queen's aunt. That's a thin lineage, but then Andrew is not that close to the throne anymore now that Charles has settled down and has heirs of his own. It's all so terribly complicated when one has royal blood coursing through one's veins. End Notes Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-Fla.), who revealed during congressional hearings in 1984 that she was molested as a child, is writing a book on behalf of missing and abused children tentatively titled "Children at Risk" . . . Barbara Matusow, author of "The Evening Stars: The Making of the Network News Anchor," has become a senior editor of the Washington Journalism Review. A radio and television writer, assignment editor and producer, Matusow has been a senior contributing editor of the magazine. She is married to Los Angeles Times Washington bureau chief Jack Nelson . . . During this, the 40th anniversary of Gore Vidal as a author, Ballantine will reissue all of his works beginning with his 1946 novel "Williwaw." He also is expected to finish his historical novel "Manifest Destiny" this summer and the script for his novel "Lincoln" is to be in shape for shooting for an NBC mini-series in a few months. Maybe this Civil War mini-series will be worth seeing since the project starts with Vidal's well-written story . . . Sen. Robert Kasten (R-Wis.) was married Saturday to New York advertising executive Eva Jean Nimmons in a closed-to-the-press wedding at the Fort Washington Collegiate Church. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, best known as the author of "The Power of Positive Thinking." It was the first marriage for both. Kasten was arrested last month for drunken driving a few blocks from the Capitol and had to attend classes for first offenders. He was fined $125 for running a red light and for crossing the center line. Kasten took his new bride back home for a northern Wisconsin honeymoon. A honeymoon in snowy, subzero Wisconsin at this time of year is a good way to put a marriage to a stress test right at the beginning . . . For all of us struggling to make mortgage payments and basic living expenses, we should be heartened by the report that by the end of 1986 there will be one millionaire in every 100 American households. Clearly, that millionaire is in someone else's household. The recent U.S. News & World Report also points out that Florida has the highest concentration of millionaires, 19 per 1,000, followed by the District with 17 per 1,000. It only seems like there are more millionaires here, but then the researchers probably didn't count all those out-of-town millionaires who are always winging in attempting to be noticed in a town where being noticed is paramount . . .

President Reagan's first wife, actress Jane Wyman, is reportedly resting comfortably in St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica following surgery late last week to repair scar tissue from a previous operation. The operation forced the Oscar-winning Wyman to spend her 72nd birthday Saturday in the hospital.

Wyman, who is better known as the hard, tough matriarch of television's nighttime soap "Falcon Crest," was married to Reagan in 1940 when they were both contract players at Warner Bros.

Often billed at the time as "the perfect marriage" by studio press agents, Reagan and Wyman's union lasted only eight years. It fell apart the year Wyman won the Academy Award for her role as a deaf and mute person in the movie "Johnny Belinda."

It was not known at the White House yesterday if the president, who often telephones friends and acquaintances who are in the hospital, had sent best wishes to his former wife and the mother of their daughter Maureen Reagan. Randy Andy to Marry?