You figure a man who'd suffered the trials of John Bobbitt would resolve henceforth to treat his women well. Apparently not. John Wayne Bobbitt, 27, was arrested early yesterday morning after his fiancee accused him of yanking her arm during an argument and shoving her against a wall. He has pleaded not guilty to domestic battery charges. Prosecutors will decide whether to proceed with the case at a court hearing set for Wednesday.

Kristina Elliott, 21, a former topless dancer, called the police to their apartment about 2:30 a.m. They took Bobbitt, apparently drunk, into custody about 3 a.m., a police report said. None of Bobbitt's parts was reported missing. "I love John deeply and do not want to see him go to prison," Elliott said in a statement. "However, I will not tolerate violence of any kind -- not verbally, physically or emotionally." Bobbitt, meanwhile, issued his own statement. "I truly believe this is just a huge misunderstanding," he said after being released from jail yesterday afternoon on $ 7,100 bond. "However, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work." The couple was scheduled to meet last night at a friend's house to sort things out over coffee. Bobbitt is divorcing Lorena Bobbitt, who was found innocent by reason of insanity by a Virginia jury earlier this year for slicing off Bobbitt's penis with a kitchen knife. Surgeons were able to stitch it back on. (The miracle organ is now said to be 80 percent operative.) Aaron Gordon, Bobbitt's new flack, said the fight broke out shortly after Elliott returned home at 1 a.m. Elliott had been out with her neighbor, identified only as Angelique, comforting her about her troubled marriage. Bobbitt apparently didn't know where Elliott had gone and when she walked in, he woke up and started yelling. "John might be a little jealous," Gordon said. Around 2:15 a.m. Elliott left several panicked messages on Gordon's answering machine: "Call me immediately! Call me immediately!" But by the time he made it to their apartment, Bobbitt had been hauled off by the police, the house was a mess and Elliott, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, was quivering on the living room couch, "hysterically crying," Gordon said. "She never mentioned Lorena, but I felt like it was in the back of her head." Elliott's brother and sister sat with her quietly, and Angelique, who had heard the shouting, came over too. There were gashes in the wall and the closet door. Bobbitt told police he punched the holes because he didn't want to hurt Elliott. A police report said the two were involved "in a verbal argument before Bobbitt grabbed her right forearm, causing a bruise, then shoved her into a wall, causing a bruise." Last year Bobbitt was acquitted of sexually assaulting his wife, Lorena, and denied abusing her. In April, Elliott appeared on "The Jane Whitney Show" with her fiance and called Lorena Bobbitt "a psychotic." "I'm sorry," Elliott said then. "If you're being abused sexually, physically, mentally, you leave." But Gordon said that Elliott had complained to him before of "rough grabbing." "Sometimes they play and he gets to swinging her around too much," said Gordon. "She'd asked him to stop and he didn't." Elliott's mother, Sandy, also appeared on the Whitney show and said she herself had been a battered wife. She said that during the Bobbitt trial last fall, she had taken Lorena's side and that she was initially horrified about her daughter's new boyfriend. Bobbitt met Elliott Feb. 11 during a tour to raise money for his legal bills. She was a topless dancer in Las Vegas at the time. Elliott no longer strips, but is "modeling and rehearsing for an acting career," Gordon said. Shortly after Bobbitt's arrest, Elliott unsuccessfully tried to post bail for him. Under Nevada law, police had to hold Bobbitt at least 12 hours for a "cooling-off period." "We can work this out through the proper counseling and communication," Elliott said in her statement. "John needs this type of help." For most of yesterday, Elliott shut herself up at Angelique's house. This time it was the neighbor offering comfort.

Bobbitt, meanwhile, was spending his time in solitary confinement. Police were forced to put him there, Gordon said, because he was creating "a ruckus." The other prisoners were mobbing him for autographs.