I'm a brunette. But do blondes really have more fun? What about those daring fuchsia- and indigo-haired ladies? Does a woman with Kool- Aid-hued hair actually live like a rock star, or just look like one? I know I'm not alone in these sorts of musings: Everyone, whether they'll admit it or not, entertains fantasies of being a little more glamorous or outrageous -- if just for a while.

Enter the abundance of wig shops throughout Washington (see story below). Pop into one, and you'll see you can transform into any personality you like: Hillary, Smurfette, Beyonce and all the politicos, cartoon characters and pop stars in between. To debut the new you, you've got a couple of options: One, hit a public party such as this season's final Wine and Wig Wednesday at L'Enfant Cafe, where half-price wine'll get people in a truly wiggy mood (2000 18th St. NW, 202-319-1800; the socials resume in September). Or option No. 2: Throw your own gathering, wigs required.

For a seriously madcap time, urge friends to coordinate their attire with their coifs. Got a Farrah do? Grab two pals and some hot pants, and bring back the Angels. Going for the next British invasion? Be sure your Beatles mop is complemented by appropriate eyewear. Hippies, hicks and divas are all welcome -- just be ready when that guy in the mullet wants to try on your pageboy.

You'll want to serve something equal to your dazzling evening, so try a baked Alaska for dessert -- it's classic yet cool, fancy yet easy to make. You can start the confection the day before, freezing the ice-cream-and-cake combo overnight. The day of, as your guests mingle, excuse yourself to finish the dish; the fluffy meringue that tops it off should be made right before serving. And to really impress, serve the dessert garnished with fruit or flowers (fresh-cut stems also go great behind ears on wig-bedecked heads).

Beyond that, setting the scene is a cinch: The hilarious hair will be decoration enough, so all you really need is good mood lighting. Turn the lamps down low, or string up some multicolor bulbs. And don't forget to stock the liquor cabinet! Your party people may not truly embrace their inner wig-wearer without some liquid courage.

Kate Ghiloni

See, this kid only looks like he's wearing a wig. A nice blue to match his shirt would have done wonders.