QI am 17 years old and during the summer I love to wear skirts -- denim, corduroy and everything in between. Most go a little above my knees. I often wear sandals with them, but that makes driving difficult and can get uncomfortable if I walk a long time. What other shoes can I wear to look cute?

Kristen Osius, Ashburn

ASimple answer: any kind you want. I love flip-flops in the summer -- from the plain rubber kind with the white sole and

colored strap to dressier versions such as Rocket Dog's Jet Set ($30), which has a low, curvy kitten heel. They're very simple and cute with a skirt. But if you walk a lot, how about a light, streamlined sneaker? Check out Asics Mexico 66 ($70); originally worn at the 1968 Olympic Games in you-know-where, they're back and super-cool. I also like Adidas's Chen-Tao Quilt ($70) and Mei Mesh ($60), both yoga-inspired slip-ons. (They're available in various colors; I prefer the terra cotta/navy Mei Mesh.)

Sara Switzer

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