Remember how, when you were a kid, there was always one cool mom in the neighborhood? Her freezer was always full of ice pops, she always had excellent craft supplies and she let you watch cartoons to your heart's content. My friend Roseanne is Silver Spring's Cool Mom 2004. Her kids are well supplied with awesome books -- from pop-ups to Huck Finn -- and she makes a habit of loading up on imagination-enhancing arts supplies, such as Popsicle sticks (for constructing skyscrapers), pipe cleaners and paints. (Plus, she makes delectable, retro fluffernutters on white bread -- for lucky adults and kids alike.)

This lamp-decorating project was lifted from the crafty and creative Roseanne wholesale. "I bought a lamp at Ikea and it looked so boring just plain white, I decided to paint it," she says. You can adapt this to most any lamp, using any color combo or design you can dream up.

Step One

Assemble your supplies: To reproduce this lamp exactly, you'll need an Ikea Sondag lamp (though any hanging model will do); two bottles of Plaid brand Apple Barrel Gloss paints, one Pumpkin Orange and one Turquoise (available at Michael's Crafts or; and a small craft paintbrush.

Remove the glass lampshade from the box -- it comes unattached from the lamp hardware -- and set on a work surface protected with newspapers. Squirt a dollop each of your two colors onto a paper plate or other disposable palette. Then dip your brush in one of the colors and begin moving around the lamp, filling in every other one of the handily placed round indents. The easiest technique is to push your lightly paint-coated brush into the dot and swirl it around, coating the indent -- if your paint overflows the bounds, wipe it off with a paper towel. Then wash off your brush and fill in the remaining dots with the other color.

Step Two

To bake your color into permanence, follow the directions dictated by your paint. (Apple Barrel advises allowing it to dry for 48 hours, then baking it in a 325-degree oven for 10 minutes, turning off the oven and allowing the glass to cool before removing it.)

Step Three

Assemble your lamp and hang your dotty, mod creation in a place of honor. Like Roseanne, you're ready to create fun and yummy sandwiches by its glow!

Laura J. Vogel

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