Where: Grasonville, Md.

Why: Cigars, bikes, bikinis and other guy's-guy stuff.

How Far: About 55 miles, or 1 hour and 20 minutes from Arlington.

In Robert Bly's 1990 book "Iron John," men are charged with awakening their primitive masculinity by exploring their bonds with their dads. If the tome's drum-beating and tree-hugging seem a bit much for this Father's Day, why not invite the old man out to an equally testosterone-drenched ritual -- the beginning of the bikini contest season at Red Eye's Dock Bar? Red Eye's -- a raucous waterfront drinking spot that's become a must-stop for revelers passing through Kent Narrows from Ocean City, Rehoboth or Dewey -- has held a bikini contest every Sunday during the summer since 1990. Hosted by Baltimore's 98 Rock radio station, the 2004 season opens today, with a bevy of bikini-clad beauties (most from the D.C./Baltimore area, but some from as far away as Florida) bumping and grinding in pursuit of the $350 cash prize. I made the mistake of taking my then-girlfriend to the bar during a contest in 2002. Although I had no prior knowledge of the event ("I just wanted to get a burger, honey, I swear!"), I still got in trouble. So you know Dad'll like this better than that silly tie you were going to give him.

Set the stage for Guys' Day by doing all things manly along the way. Start in Ballston at CarPool, a service-station-cum-bar where you and Pops can shoot pool, smoke a cigar (on sale there) or enjoy the outdoor patio as you watch the bikers roll in. At the East Potomac Park Golf Course and Driving Range at Hains Point, you can hit a bucket of balls for $4.50, then stop at the clubhouse snack bar for arguably the best burger in the District (order a cheeseburger "all the way"). Continue on to Davidsonville for homemade bread pudding at Killarney House, a spot with traditional Irish flair that's a central gathering spot in town. Finally, if you haven't bought him a gift yet, stop at Sandpiper Gallery in Grasonville to get Dad a wood carving. You won't be limited to duck decoys: One item is titled "Santa in a Hawaiian Shirt and Shorts Holding a Beer With a Lime in It, While a Parrot Tries to Get His Drink."

Joe Reblando

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