Where: Dewey Beach, Del.

Why: Karaoke, live buffalo and a couple of loons in a bull costume.

How Far: About 95 miles from Annapolis, or almost two hours.

In Pamplona, Spain, the annual Running of the Bulls attracts the courageous and crazy, who dash frantically through the streets attempting to stay clear of marauding steer. In Dewey Beach, Del., this Saturday, the Starboard bar will host a similar event with one crucial difference: Instead of killer bulls, the threat is . . . two people in a bull costume.

This nine-year-old happening attracts more than 500 people annually, most of them decked out in Pamplona's customary white clothing and red bandana. It begins around 2 p.m., when patrons are herded into the parking lot. Then the police stop traffic and the crowd crosses the street for the real horseplay: a 10-block run down the beach, with the not-so-threatening human-bull creature in pursuit. Festivities end with a "bull fight" between a plastic-sword-wielding matador (a bar regular) and the bull. Admission is free, and funds raised from T-shirt sales ($10 a pop) go toward a good cause: supporting neighborhood lifeguards. "Ole!" to that.

The trip there winds through tourist-friendly cities and a few big pastoral patches. Start at the Annapolis Antique and Consignment Mall, stocked with bygone items such as "Brady Bunch"-era shirts and 1950s Cushman maple furniture. Just across the Delaware state line, the rural landscape is broken up by Farmer Bill's Market, a quaint roadside stand that sells boxes of homegrown blueberries and peaches, as well as home-brewed raspberry preserves.

As you get closer to the bull high jinks, you may be surprised to see four-legged beasts of another sort to your left off Route 16: Those would be bison -- 80 of 'em -- raised at the 20-year-old Colvine Bison Farm. Finally, no matter when hunger pangs strike, the chrome-paneled Rehoboth Diner, open 24 hours a day, will let you indulge. You can watch movies on one of two TVs while deciding, "Hm, chocolate cheesecake? Or maybe a cherry danish?"

Tony Sclafani

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