WE SEE DEAD PEOPLE: My twin sister, Adele, and I became aware of our ability around age 5. About two weeks after our Uncle Marvin's passing, he appeared to us with a message for our parents. When we repeated it, their eyes got very big and they said, "You two can't be telling other people -- they'll think you're crazy."

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE: I do this full time, but Adele is an art teacher by day, so I do readings by myself ($175 an hour; two people can split a session). We work together with groups (888-282-2863, www.psy-denticaltwins.com) and experience a lot of physical phenomena together: recording problems, lights blowing out.

FOREWARNED: About two years ago, at a sushi bar in Towson, I all of a sudden saw an airplane flying over a man's head. I turned to him and said, "Are you getting on a plane Thursday?" He said, "Yeah, I'm going to Chicago." I said, "Please don't get on it. There are going to be mechanical problems." About four months later, in the same restaurant, the man came up and said he'd sat on the ground that Thursday for 45 minutes before the crew announced mechanical problems and put passengers on a later plane.

WHY NOT WIN A MILLION AND RETIRE?: When I was 16, a voice told me I had to use this gift with integrity. But I am allowed to ask for help. I've never been stopped for speeding, even when I've gone through radar traps very fast.

TRY THIS AT HOME: Everyone has the ability to be psychic -- you get a gut feeling about someone you've just met, you hear your name being called out of thin air -- but people second-guess themselves. Psychic development has three components. One, learn to meditate. We put so much noise in our lives that it's drowning out our thoughts. Second, learn to talk to Spirit -- what some people call praying. Third, practice trust. Go to a safe place, get lost and rely on Spirit to show you the way home. I recently got lost in Takoma Park. I trusted Spirit to turn me right or left, and I got back to where I needed to be.

FAKING IT: To find a legitimate psychic, look in Life Pages, a new phone directory in places like health-food stores or yoga studios. I've had clients come to me after going to shops with neon hands in the window, where they're told, "There's a curse on you, and I want to see you again next week." I, on the other hand, don't want people parked on my door day in and day out. It's important that they go live their lives.

THE NEXT PREZ?: Personally and psychically, I think it's Kerry.

As told to Curtis Sittenfeld

Allyson Walsh, right, acts as a medium for clients (seen and unseen).