For decades, presidential candidates' supporters have sported banners, buttons and badges to blare their beliefs. So if you're jealous of all the donkeys, decals and delegates (oh, my!) you saw at last week's Democratic National Convention -- or you can't wait until the Republican party next week in New York to parade your pachyderms -- consider stuffing your soapbox with these offbeat ornaments:

'52 Reasons to Re-Elect George Bush' Playing Cards ($9). Want to host a pro-Bush poker party? Republican playing cards let you hit the deck with Dubya. The assortment from Newt's Playing Cards ( offers photos, caricatures and quotes from Bush's term. Some are funny, others serious: One joker features a drawing of Bush pulling Saddam from his hidey-hole. Democrats, don't fret -- the site also has pro-Kerry cards. (He must be "flushed" with happiness.)

Bop Bush Inflatable Punching Bag ($19.99). If you'd rather bash the president than play with his deck, you're in luck. is offering a five-foot-tall, jug-eared inflatable punching bag toy, perfect for slugging. But sorry, Dems, it's weighted at the bottom -- no matter how hard you hit him, he'll always bounce back. Also available at Urban Outfitters.

George in the Box ($24.99). Move over, pop-up clown! Tin Man Tin Toys ( is selling a George W. Bush Jack in the Box. Crank the handle to the tune of "Hail to the Chief" and a genial effigy of the prez at a podium pops out of the tin, which is decorated to look like the White House. Also available via eBay.

John Kerry Fishing Lure ($6). Wisconsin's Green Bay Lure Engineering takes a bipartisan approach to fishing with its John Kerry lure: "Democratic fish are drawn to this lure. Republican fish want to bite this lure. Either way you come out the winner." Available on eBay.

Political Pet Toys ($12.95). Oh, the puns. Want to chew Kerry's ear off? Take a bite out of Bush? Now you -- or at least Fido -- can. Sydney-based Political Pet Toys ( is fetching some good business from the American presidential race with a series of squeaky, soft rubber dog toys shaped like the heads of Bush and Kerry. Its slogan: "You can't get even, but your pet can!"

For success, company owner Anthony Russell, 31, banked on the popularity of pet pooches in the United States -- some 65 million, according to the American Pet Supply Manufacturers Association. "Bush and Kerry should be kissing puppies, not babies," Russell says. Of course, political vagaries are also in play: Russell says sales of the Bush figure jumped 300 percent in San Francisco after the president proposed a ban on gay marriage. The toys are available at various gift and novelty shops, Urban Outfitters and the International Spy Museum.

Pro-Kerry Thong ($28). Kerry's coffers will be a little bigger -- and sexier -- thanks to some intimate contributions by actress (and former George Clooney flame) Krista Allen. The "Baywatch Hawaii" star has designed a thong panty that promotes the Democratic candidate. The front of the black garment is printed with an anti-Bush message (one that Whoopi Goldberg would approve of), and the back is printed with "JK" for John Kerry. Proceeds from the lingerie go to Kerry's campaign and the DNC. The thong is sold exclusively at Hollywood shop Kitson and at its online store,

Laura Boswell

Take your pick: You can get hooked on John Kerry, bet big with George Bush, unleash your pooch on the president's head or even knock him around yourself.