Granite Fizz

One 15.2-ounce bottle Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice (any flavor)

One 750-milliliter bottle Gruet Brut* (a sparkling wine from New Mexico)

Lemon twists

Fill a champagne flute a third of the way with Pom juice. Pouring slowly, fill the rest of the glass with the sparkling wine (watch out for the pretty red bubbles -- try to keep them in the glass). Garnish with a lemon twist. Serves 4 to 6.

Per serving (based on 6): 132 calories, 0 gm protein, 13 gm carbohydrates, 0 gm fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 0 gm saturated fat, 9 mg sodium, 0 gm dietary fiber

Pinot Gria

One 750-milliliter bottle Big Fire Pinot Gris* (a dry white wine from Oregon)

1 to 2 peaches, peeled and sliced (1 cup)

1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks

1/2 cup watermelon chunks, seeded if necessary

Ice, preferably crushed

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup ground cinnamon

Put the wine, fruit and 1 cup ice in a blender and pulse the mixture enough to turn the fruit into a pulp.

In a shallow bowl, mix the sugar and cinnamon. Dampen the rim of a martini glass by running an extra peach slice or watermelon chunk around it, then dip the rim of the glass into the sugar-cinnamon mix.

Strain the wine-fruit mixture into the martini glass. Tip: Use the back of a wooden spoon to press as much of the puree through the strainer as possible (you don't want to waste any booze!). Garnish with a peach slice. Serves 6.

Per serving: 102 calories, 0 gm protein, 5 gm carbohydrates, 0 gm fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 0 gm saturated fat, 7 mg sodium, trace dietary fiber

Razzle Dazzle


One 750-milliliter bottle Bonny Doon Framboise** (a California sweet wine made from raspberries)

1 pint heavy whipping cream

Chocolate straws (white chocolate if you can find them; available at fine food stores)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, 3 ounces of Framboise and 1 ounce of whipping cream. Shake vigorously (make sure the lid is on tight or it can get sticky and messy).

Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a chocolate straw. Serves 6.

Per serving: 292 calories, 1 gm protein, 16 gm carbohydrates, 10 gm fat, 39 mg cholesterol, 7 gm saturated fat, 22 mg sodium, 0 gm dietary fiber

* These are two favorites, but any sparkling wine works for the Granite Fizz and any pinot gris or pinot grigio for the Pinot Gria.

** If you can't find Bonny Doon Framboise, Chambord works as a substitute.

All recipes by Keith Goldston, master sommelier, Charlie Palmer Steak.