Doggy dress isn't all goofy sweaters and reindeer antlers. These days, the chic canine can point and click his way through a bevy of Web sites dedicated to four-legged fashionistas. Whether your pooch wants to bump up his bling factor with a rhinestone collar or say it loud in an ironic message tee, these five top stops will help you both navigate the wild world of woofwear.

1Fox & Hounds

There's no reason to saddle your dog with a plain-Jane nylon collar -- not when this site offers such a stellar selection of natty neck gear: Swarovski crystal for glitzy gala-hopping, madras plaid for preppy power brunches and purple glitter for his Ziggy Stardust moment.

Prices start at $12.


The leader of the canine fashion movement, George has peddled togs for discriminating dogs since 1991. Cozy patchwork knits come stitched to look like grandma's quilts, and die-cast zinc ID tags are engraved with the company's logo: a fetching stick. Prices start at $17.

3Ruff Ruff & Meow

Is your pooch so hip it hurts? Let him show the Black Cat crowd who's cool in one of this company's rockin' T-shirts. Decide whether he's a "Stud Muffin," a "Rock Star" or "Bad to Da Bone," then up his tee's funk factor with a smattering of rhinestones or silver studs. Prices start at $20.

4Trixie & Peanut

This posh, boutique-y site may be strictly for uptown dogs, but its ladylike styles have human fans aplenty, including Kate Hudson, Oprah and President Bush. Standouts include the Jackie Oh! coat in prim pastel checks and personalized charms perfect for dangling from your pup's (pearl) collar. Prices start at $28.


Helmut Lang lovers will wish they had four paws and a tail after scoping the wares at this temple of utilitarian chic. Clean lines and cool color reign supreme, but there's still function to this fashion: Raincoats feature handy reflector stripes to keep your pooch safe during damp autumn jogs, while comfy neoprene turtlenecks were made for sporty-yet-sleek mutts. Prices start at $28.

Emily Heil

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Tie on George's knitted yarmulke.Button up the Jackie Oh! coat from Trixie & Peanut.Ruff Ruff & Meow's got tees galore.