Want to pretty up your cookie-cutter apartment? You're in luck: L.A.-based interior designer Tara Riceberg, owner of Twek (www.twe-k.com, 888-837-6761), has started making house calls in the Washington area, plus New York.

The American University grad used to own Tesoro, a tony West Hollywood shop that was frequented by Halle Berry and Meg Ryan, but her tips are conceived with regular folk in mind. Easy-but-elegant upgrades are this designer's stock in trade. She specializes in tweaking interiors (rearranging furniture, painting walls) rather than giving them a head-to-toe overhaul. Whatever your aesthetic, she encourages risk-taking. "Just because you live in Georgetown doesn't mean everything has to be Colonial," she says. "You can mix it up."

A typical consultation involves 90 minutes of "Twek talk," during which Riceberg will assess your space and offer a plan for sassing it up. Depending on your budget, you can execute her suggestions on your own or have her do the heavy lifting for you. Such know-how comes at a price, of course: Riceberg charges $250 for the initial consultation and $100 an hour after that, which means you could spend as much on arranging your Jonathan Adler vases as you did on the vases themselves. Then again, it could be just what that living-room set straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog needs. "People always think, 'Oh, I'm renting,' " says Riceberg. "So they never take the first step. But I say that everyone deserves to live well."

Emily Heil