The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

CEDAR DR., 15608-Douglas M. Barker to Maria P. Rivera and Rigoberto Perdomo, $260,000.

ELLINGWOOD DR., 1116-Viola F. and George McRae Jr. to Bridgett Watson, $258,000.

FLORAL PARK RD., 2006-Sara J. Renick to Wanda Bannerman, $265,000.

FORT TRAIL, 15020-Marsha R. Fleetwood to Nicole B. and Perryn G. Oliphant, $357,800.

SPRING GROVE DR., 2017-John and Nancy J. Cain to Enza Piazza and Julio Martinez Jr., $255,500.

Adelphi Area

AVALON PL., 2513-George N. and Grace A. Chaconas to Carlos Henriquez and Marta Ortiz, $343,000.

COX AVE., 806-Ronald D. Tippett Sr. to Maureen O'Shanesy, $353,500.

EDWARDS WAY, 9250-Elvia P. Gonzalez to Maria A. and Florentino Lopez, $95,000.

HANNON ST., 2261-John R. and Barbara J. Barnard to Ana and Miguel Rodriguez, $305,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 9013-Erik J. Leklem to Ana R. and Manuel F. Caballero, $240,000.

KARLSON CT., 6611-Joseph R. and Carzena C. Butler to Winston E. and Sherri Lewis, $230,000.

KEOKEE ST., 1720-Carlos Mendoza Ventura to Angel Fuentes, $329,900.

KEOKEE ST., 1741-Theresa G. and Edgar A. Soliz to Jose Ramos, $350,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. 302-B-4-Steven Wasser to William A. Toler, $125,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1222-Angela E. Nanni and Donald A. Toy to Nighisti Solomon, $126,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1604-Alfred T. and Gladys S. Mecum to Gabriel A. Martinez, $96,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 218-Eric D. and Sheri B. Alston to Rita C. Rezend and Robert A. Giannelli, $115,500.

POWDER MILL RD., 3233-William A. and Mary A. Wockenfuss to Oscar and Barbara H. Deaza, $512,000.

RED OAK DR., 1911-Carlos Creque to Jose A. and Bertila Arias, $355,000.

RIGGS RD., 7300, No. 201-Paula Gayles to Kamran A. Choudhury, $74,400.

RIGGS RD., 7957, No. 8-Juan C. Fulcar to Maricela J. Saavedra, $135,000.

RIGGS RD., 9800-Eric S. and Sarah S. Khandagle to Olivia and Jose A. Pinto, $387,000.

THURMAN AVE., 820-Edsel Billingy to Aurora M.C.D. and Marcos Hernandez, $326,000.

18TH AVE., 7405, No. 104-Steven A. Martin to Sabinus Chukwu, $37,000.

20TH AVE., 8410-Elida N. and Jose B. Tejade to M. Nolasco Avalos, $350,000.

23RD AVE., 7101-Chuck C. Ugoji to Esperanza J. and Ramon J. Medina, $315,000.

25TH AVE., 7607-Elizabeth and Dwight L. Estrill to Juan C. Puente Fulcar, $235,000.

26TH AVE., 8306-Zully A. and Oswaldo Echeverry to Maria Yupari, $348,000.

Aquasco Area

TRUEMAN POINT RD., 18501-Dorrell P. Savoy to Ronda Garrett, $150,000.

Beltsville Area

BROAD BLVD., 4515-Tracy A. Horner to Alejandro and Nelson Turcios, $318,000.

CEDAR LANE, 11422-Michael P. Rich to Myra E. and Jose A. Cruz, $335,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11212, No. 202-Gladys V. and Henry R. Irons to Norma Nashed, $163,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11322, No. 302-II-P-Mary A. Rogers to Monica Braxton, $97,500.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11350, No. 201-II-A-Sharmila P. Thapa to Mominul H. Khan, $150,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11378, No. 102-1-L-Lourdes Monge Arriaga to Jose A. Cordova, $150,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE LANE, 4303-Joanne E. Garrison to Salamatu Mansara and Ibrahim M. Sumah, $435,000.

DAISEY CREEK TERR., 4803-Keung and Shun L. Kong to Stephen C. Walwyn, $528,000.

ELMWOOD RD., 4502-William E. and Florence E. Rehmann to Egla H. and Aragie Wolde Meskel, $369,900.

EVANS TRAIL WAY, 3745-Emelia A. and Patrick O. Agyei to Janet Idun, $245,000.

FRANCES DR., 11330-M. Jamal and Marie M. Kamara to Patricia E.R. and Sergio Benavides, $364,000.

LEXINGTON AVE., 5018-Leslie C. Johnson to Bertha and Jose Ordonez, $300,000.

MAJOR DENTON DR., 3307-Ahmad N. Barrie to Vijay B. and Vikram S. Kushawaha, $250,000.

ODELL RD., 4801-Juan and Elena Romero to Alba and Jimmy Vizcarra, $375,000.

ROMLON ST., 4417, No. 201-Michael Debebe to Amie Smith, $141,000.

SHENANDOAH DR., 3615-Jacqueline E. and Arthur Butler to Meleta Francis, $408,000.

WEEPING WILLOW LANE, 10808-Sudhir S. and Alka S. Pandit to Pushparaj J. and Rathnavathy P. Samuel, $395,000.

Bladensburg Area

54TH PL., 4112-Jesus and Miguel Penarri Hernandez to Francisca and Clara Rodriguez, $150,000.

Bowie Area

ALLENGLEN CT., 16103-Frances B. and David K. Tolliver to Ann E. Craynon and Nancy C. Marshall, $536,700.

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2512-Karen R. Paige to Penelope L. Griffith, $330,000.

ARDLYN CT., 1906-Gary and Susan Eaton to Katrice N. and Joel L. Nelson, $281,900.

BRIDGES CT., 11803-William O. Jr. and Betty Ann Lynerd to Joyce A. and Michael E. Steier, $449,900.

BRYANT CT., 8715-Harry G. and Brenda L. Kalashian to Kathryn W. and Martin J. Kane, $410,000.

CHAMPLAIN CIR., 11206-Gloria E. Williams to Lamont Wanzer, $588,000.

CLEARFIELD DR., 12904-Louis E. Rohme Sr. to Marion L. Williams, $318,000.

EMBLEM CORNER RD., 3919-Blondell E. Wylie to Obami C. Wray, $283,000.

EMORY CT., 15210-Cathy S. and Robert D. Bunge to Yolanda R. Oliver, $288,000.

EMPRESS WAY, 15503-Carolyn D. Warrick to Ali Khoshtinat, $241,000.

FEDERAL LANE, 2813-Carol L. Cosentino to Pamela R. and Patrick J. Minkel, $330,000.

HAMPTON LANE, 4307-Blenda J. and Todd D. Riddick to Beatrice Babatunde, $565,000.

HARNESS WAY, 8907-Timothy J. and Angela V. Vanmeter to Mary Jane K. and James J. Bellay, $485,000.

HYDE LANE, 2203-Mary L. and Rex F. Blagg to Sue A. Buter, $275,000.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12701-D. Netra W. and Maurice T. Bland to Erik J. Pillar, $265,000.

LONDON LANE, 14518-Roxanne A. Philadelphia to Mia B. Russell, $207,000.

LONDON LANE, 14953-Ivonne C. Hunt to John P. Parsons, $201,000.

MAIDEN DR., 11010-Scott A. and Jacqueline M. Danko to Jonathan Sander and Delvenus Jenkins, $375,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 3625-Andrew Kowalick, trustee, to David A. Stein, $280,000.

MARQUETTE LANE, 13047-Carole M. O'Malley to Jocephus Weeks, $205,000.

NORWALK CT., 15407-Jung H. Ha to Clayton S. Lea, $181,480.

NORWALK CT., 15426-Linda M. Carman to Oretha Nimene, $240,000.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15519-Ann L. Coursen to Daniel L. Gilt, $227,000.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13446-John F. Hartnett to Keith B. Barrett, $305,000.

PAVIA CT., 4301-Garnett S. and Billy R. Best to Carlton E. Dewberry Sr., $325,900.

PITTSFIELD LANE, 1603-Julie and Shane Hillard to Sheila I. Bradford, $294,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 15703-Suzanne S. Thompson trust to F. Sheron and William J. Nicholas Jr., $249,500.

ROUND TREE LANE, 12100-Clement L. Jr. and Irene H. McGowan to Kimberly and John P. McGrath, $320,000.

SHELTER LANE, 12308-Maxine A. and John W. Dalton Jr. to Shelly B. Cooke, $330,000.

STIRRUP LANE, 12418-Chris Spik and Michele L. Savercool to Marion M. Ellis, $289,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12319-Louise R. and Martin P. Dittes to Claire M. Friedrich, $130,000.

SUNFLOWER CIR., 3818-James T. Rawley to Rochelle Ford, $430,000.

SUTTERS LANE, 12801-Vincent E. Tomchak to William Reynolds, $317,000.

SWIRL LANE, 12508-Svetlana and Bradley H. Bachtell to Aubrey G. Saxon, $315,000.

10TH ST., 13125-Guild Craft Inc. to Nadir A. Hammons, $311,000.

10TH ST., 13206-Maria L. and Michael M. Werlein to Jose M. Ruiz, $272,000.

Brandywine Area

CHURCH DR., 6201-Catherine S. Ba and Anthony R. Pugh to David J. Eason, $270,000.

CROSS ROAD TRAIL, 11800-James A. Sr. and Catherine S. Smith to Modesto Flores and Maria Melendez, $455,000.

KNOLLWOOD PL., 11710-John L. Sr. and Betty J. Bowser to Tina B. and Kenrick W. Scott, $365,000.

LUSBYS LANE, 12009-Forrest Mansfield to Carl A. Harris, $375,000.

LYTTON AVE., 12409-Kim O. Williams to Andrea Robinson, $149,575.

Brentwood Area

LAWRENCE ST., 4314-Samaria Vaughan to Vincent L. Abell, $101,878.

TAYLOR ST., 3711-Diana S. and Edward R. Brady to Luvy J. Delgadillo, $152,500.

40TH PL., 3302-Armando Terrones to Enrique A. Perez, $283,000.

40TH ST., 4309-Cynthia P. Goss and Peter A. Shapiro to Anne C. Warden, $200,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ABEL AVE., 517-Norma J. Gray to Marie J. Robinson, $150,000.

ADDISON RD., 5008-David Jr. and Judith A. Carr to Jeffrey A. Taylor, $149,000.

APPLEGARTH PL., 6011-Ziporia Thompson to Lisa V. and Ray E. McBride, $166,000.

AQUAMARINE CT., 6956-Christine Alle and Darrin K. Sims to Kate K. Yunmbam, $170,000.

ARCADIA AVE., 1700-Brenda F. Gatli and Orvin G. Boyd to Gale M. Dotson, $195,000.

BILLINGS AVE., 1912-Toyd L. and Daines L. Green to Cosandra D. Long and Benny Blocker Jr., $92,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 714-Henry D. and Hai Ou Hou Delvalle to Nicole and Haydn Hislop, $88,000.

BYERS ST., 4108-Abiodun O. Adesanya to Marsha Clarke Everett, $166,000.

CAPPY AVE., 607-Berthenia and Sylvia Boone to Stanley and Caria R. Gilchrist, $200,000.

CEDARLEAF AVE., 404-Robert J. Phelps to Juan A. Farias, $137,500.

CLARK ST., 4114-James L. Fowler Sr. to Crystal McCalop, $255,000.

COOLIDGE ST., 5600-Ruth Newby to 5600 Coolidge Project Corp., $91,000.

CURLED OAKS PL., 1107-Hollar for Dollors Inc. to Detrice Harrison, $145,000.

DEANWOOD DR., 4820-Theodore B. and Mildred W. Dargan to Hollar for Dollars Inc., $105,000.

DRUM AVE., 508-Debra Bonhomme to Johnnie Bolton, $125,000.

EASTERN AVE., 1609-Gwendolyn J. and Russell Rich to Hernan A. Colindres, $159,000.

ELMLEAF AVE., 304-Ethel L. and Luther H. Jenkins to Carlo D. Anderson, $174,000.

EMO ST., 4907-Edna J. Arrington to Woodrow Johnson, $164,900.

FAIRFORD WAY, 1022-Melva Z. Dew to Ardrina D. Stokes, $147,000.

FALKLAND PL., 5815-Valencia H. Covert to Brenda J. Parson, $150,000.

FRESNO ST., 7003-Michael M. Crawford to Louis Knell, $135,000.

GOLDLEAF AVE., 420-Version 1 Corp. to Richard Brady, $215,000.

JADE CT., 6826-Delia Felix Henry to Kelli and Ellis Ware, $230,000.

JAMES FARMER WAY, 6802-Lucius Slade to Angela M. Morehead, $153,900.

LARCHMONT AVE., 705-William J. Miller to John M. Thompson, $119,500.

MENTOR AVE., 516-Laton Jackson to Preccious West, $180,000.

RAIL ST., 4212-Tracey and Sylvester R. Davis to Carlton A. Wood, $195,000.

ROLLINS LANE, 5702-Louise Igiri to Andre B. and Shari L. Nelson, $169,950.

RUSTON AVE., 1709-Christopher B. Cromwell to Deon Lucas, $156,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6406-Kudirat M. Kadiri to Federal National Mortgage Association, $138,764.

SHADY GLEN DR., 907-Theresa Freeman to Arlena Windle Dillard, $243,350.

SHERIFF RD., 5433-Sterling B. and Plantista B. Hawkins to Alfred Hagler and Dereky S. Martin Jr., $123,300.

WILL ST., 4012-Logical Marketing Concept Inc. to Tessa Melbourne, $160,000.

70TH ST., 303-Abigail Britt to Crystall M. Hill, $228,000.

Cheltenham Area

ANGORA DR., 10500-Markci D. Metcalf to Gwendolyn Y. Terry, $228,300.

BAILEY DR., 10713-Donald J. Eliken to Legacy Funding Corp., $265,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR., 8119-Jo and Gary R. Quittschreiber to Sri W. Obasiolu, $118,750.

BARLOWE PL., 2007-Alvania Burrell to Denny Hernandez, $122,500.

BARLOWE RD., 7603-Henry M. and Dorothy L. Highland to Magdalena and Fernando Escobar, $144,200.

BENDER CT., 1904-Brian D. Spriggs to Shawnte Broadus, $140,000.

COLUMBIA AVE., 1700-Joseph J. and Fannie E. Jenkins to Odilia Morales and Marcos P. Reyes, $197,000.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1856-Charisse C. Scott to Joshua R. Drennan, $61,000.

EUCLID ST., 5730-Kerin E. and Courtenay M. Ruddy to Diana A. Ndiaya, $337,000.

FOREST TERR., 6817-Ethel Strot and James M. Richardson to Jose Henriquez, $133,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9804, No. 303-Charles M. Hodge Jr. to Jarnell Bonds, $183,000.

MARKHAM LANE, 2541-Beverly R. Reed to Sheila R. Pollard, $190,500.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2306-Osman N. Ruiz to Gary Moore Jr., $135,000.

MEADOWHILL RD., 3814-Gennie L. and John H. Harris to Helena D. McNeely, $385,000.

MUESERBUSH CT., 2813-Troy D. Thompson to Rogers Howard, $190,000.

MUNCY CIR., 2403-Tornelius K. Broadwater to Josette Bailey, $131,500.

MUNCY CT., 2505-Marjorie J. Pittas trust to Andrea Gardner, $105,000.

NALLEY TERR., 1304-J. and Clinton H. Saunders Jr. to Tolulope O. Obisesan, $185,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7608-German A. Martinez to Andrea and Karl Stewart, $126,000.

NORTH ENGLEWOOD DR., 5211-Crosstown Properties Corp. to Milagros Campos and Manuel Vasquez, $95,000.

OAK ST., 6609-Shanda Gottlieb to Guillermo J.O. Cabrera, $241,000.

RAY LEONARD RD., 1824-Philandieus and Crutzia Bryant to Floyd Patterson, $140,000.

SHERIFF RD., 8016-Eugene B. and Deann B. Horton to Robinson and Patricia Okolo, $145,000.

TREMONT AVE., 2909-Taitt Living Trust to Marilyn Bassett Lance, $363,500.

VIRGINIA AVE., 1807-Karen King to Ana Treminio and Wilmer J.R. Ortiz, $196,384.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2310-Tasha Morris to Gary M. Barnes, $110,000.

WASHINGTON AVE. E., 1614-Abiola A. Ogundare to Michael A. Oshinjo, $190,000.

WOODWAY PL., 2804-Bich T.T. and Roderick M. Reed to Fatu Conteh, $395,000.

92ND AVE., 4011-Jasper Mims to Moises Tlapechco, $245,000.

Clinton Area

ALAN DR., 5611-Leyla and Julio Verme to Santiago Solis, $260,000.

BIRCHVIEW DR., 11905-Patricia L. and David A. Thacker to Nichelle L. Thomas, $250,000.

BIRCHVIEW DR., 11943-Richard P. and Michele Goddard to Brian and Mayra D. Bobo, $269,900.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5856-Gertrude E. Sellman to Angela and Clifton Shockley, $249,900.

CASTLE ROCK DR., 7605-Belinda I. Mo and Cortez A. Fletcher to Roderick Bryant, $371,000.

COLONIAL LANE, 7800-Charles D. and Cynthia D. Peay to Fentress D. and Charles E. Jones Sr., $345,000.

COLONIAL LANE, 7906-Joseph W. Bryan to Dawn K. Nichols, $213,228.

DUNDAS CT., 7703-Webb E. and Lorena A. Beulah to Rosita and Darrell Blyden, $290,000.

DUNNIGAN DR., 7000-Sharon and John A. Frazier to Jean Joseph, $270,000.

FLORAL PARK RD., 3100-Julia A. and Jeffrey G. Schildt to Leonard Fentress Jr., $150,500.

FOXBRANCH CT., 7307-Robert L. and Paula M. Marshall to Charlene M. and Lester L. Church, $291,000.

FOXCROFT AVE., 9211-Joseph and Mary Ann B. Mahan to George Walton, $285,000.

GROVETON DR., 7023-Ricardo Germain to Celestine and Thomas H. Greer, $297,000.

KEPPEL PL., 7621-Marrick Properties Inc. to Barbara and Marvin E. Jacobs, $513,655.

NATAHALA DR., 4400-Vann B. and Diane D. Jones to Steven E. and Monica B. Day, $350,000.

RAMMER DR., 8308-Sharon R. and Victor E. Jackson to Harrison Co., $165,878.

SELLNER LANE, 6005-Kwame Agyeman to Joyce D. and Albert Anderson, $349,900.

SONAR RD., 8203-Larry G. and Warlene E. Robinson to Tonja R. and John Proctor, $215,000.

TELLICO PL., 9500-James R.F. and Brenda M. Escano to Derrick and Kimberly M. Johnson, $310,000.

WOODLEY RD., 6507-Abygail Bayanin to Anna P. and Jose F. Morales, $185,000.

WOODYARD RD., 8013-Helen M. and Burnley F. Beard to Betty L. Dixon, $165,000.

WYNNWOOD DR., 7901-Jon J. Jackson to Vaughan K. James, $240,000.

College Park Area

BERWYN RD., 4709-Jutta Hagner to Doris L. Gean, $275,000.

BRYN MAWR RD., 5909-Barney C. Stokes to Cheryl A. and Christopher J. Grim, $360,000.

CITADEL DR., 7516-Lodowski Family Trust to Lisa and Michael Gill, $310,000.

HURON ST., 5010-Kate B. and Ernest Hoelzl to Louis V. Falasco, $280,000.

LOCUST SPRING RD., 9003-Jeremy S. and Jennifer M. Miller to Sitti Parani and Agung Sucahyo, $260,000.

MINEOLA RD., 5018-Fakhrol S. Abediyeh to Cynthia R. Gray, $289,000.

MUSKOGEE ST., 4912-Jean P. Schiffman to Akram J. Hadeed, $285,000.

NIAGARA RD., 4721-Wayne A. and Twanna Davis to Rosa Quinteros and Carlos Lopez, $272,000.

ST. ANDREWS PL., 9316-Sophy A. and Boris Goldberg to Boris Zhadovetsky, $415,000.

VASSAR DR., 5714-Anne E. Craynon to Carol Hooks, $355,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6006, No. T-2-Muriel and Ernst Balzer to Edward K. Osafo, $135,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 612-1508-Veronica Tyler and Richard D. Scott to Pari M. Guiv, $92,000.

34TH AVE., 8907-Brian H. and Antonia Mitchell to Elankumaran Subbiah, $270,000.

49TH AVE., 9100-Tammy L. and James M. Reynolds to George S. Pappafotis, $280,000.

49TH AVE., 9207-Vincente and Maria A. Pereira to Martha and Jose D. Turcios, $310,000.

District Heights Area

AMBER HILL CT., 6800-Deborah and Rhonda Gladde Adams to Marlene A. and Keith Janifer, $205,000.

BREWTON ST., 1917-Robert A. Goodspeed to Ana C. and Herber Y. Rivera, $253,000.

DARKWOOD CT., 6731-Tracey D. Penn to Corey Jordan, $212,000.

DONNELL PL., 7172, No. C-3-Towanda Nathan to Michelle Millard, $63,500.

DOTTIE KELLY CT., 3500-Darnella J. and Russell L. Morgan to Steven C. Brown, $250,000.

DYNASTY DR., 3133-Norman A. Spen and Anthony E. Greene to Jacqueline B. Bullock, $198,500.

FOREST PARK DR., 1762-Katina Williams to Reginald W. Butler Jr., $166,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 3123-Aldridge Rainwater Jr. to Gayle Arrington, $210,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 3150-Beatrice L. and Lawrence M.K. Wren to Reginald Thomas, $196,000.

FOWLERS CT., 7908-Charles A. and Alfredia McClellan to Mattie L. and Bailey N. Edmonds, $270,000.

HANSFORD ST., 6510-Catherine E. and Douglas P. Spencer to Robert P. Spriggs, $228,000.

INSEY ST., 6518-Edith E. and Emerson H. Cashour to Carol Simpkins, $225,000.

JORDAN PARK BLVD., 8117-Anthony B. Wright to Enrique Sanchez, $182,000.

KIRTLAND AVE., 2802-Edward J. Wilhelm to Kenneth W. Hawkins, $150,000.

LAKEHURST AVE., 3205-Elizabeth A. and Alfred Deans to Sigismond Davies, $229,950.

MARION ST., 7503-James B. Joyner to Linda M. Curry Graham, $210,000.

MILLVALE AVE., 2802-Joyce R. Coleman to Happy Home Solutions Corp., $90,000.

SETON WAY, 2233-Stacey D. McKnight to Shonta D. Dawkins, $188,000.

STEVE DR., 7901-Enock Adewuyi to Deborah and Kevin Taylor, $217,500.

SURREY SQUARE LANE, 6009-Janet M. Rivers to Delancy C. Richardson, $165,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 9209-Hammad Shah to Elizabeth A. Orlando, $310,000.

AMER DR., 905-Larry Deigh to Edsel C. Garay, $526,000.

BUCHANAN DR., 13412-Carol L. and Jeffrey L. Lebeau to Todd Minor, $330,000.

BUCHANAN DR., 13421-Stephen P. and Mary P. Walder to Paolo Felizardo, $263,000.

BUCKLAND CT., 6540-Venus S. Walker to Sandra Walters, $155,000.

CANO CT., 408-Jasper D. and Anastasia F. Thorne to Juan P. Garcia and Jose E. Guevara, $360,000.

FIRTH OF TAE DR., 12305-Rekha R. and Lewis J. Claytor to Kelly N. Jeter and Abubakar Ben Abba, $750,000.

GABLE LANE, 12404-Mabel S. and Mari and James N. Jordan to Lillian I. Pankey, $172,000.

GRASMERE CT., 8778-Shaniece T. Wiggins to Heather R. Hall, $185,000.

HIGHGATE DR., 6603-Jimmy Majette to Candice M. Thomas, $280,000.

HOLLY CIR., 13100-Malin T. Jenn and Ronald L. Weitzel to Marie E. White, $275,000.

JOLLY DR., 8809-David Ganim to Balmattee S. Jadoonanan, $258,000.

KILBOURNE DR., 3905-Dana Dupee to Chad Davis, $178,000.

LUMAR DR., 2811-Howard I. and Viola A. Robinson to Carlos R. and Angel R. Alvarez, $260,000.

OLD FORT HILLS DR., 2209-Ann M. and Antonio D. Galloway Sr. to Maria M. Andrad and Norberto A. Gamero, $290,000.

OLD GATE CT., 2303-Dana M. Martin to Tia H. and Carl L. Farmer, $225,000.

OLDFIELD CT., 8906-Michel Gagne to Barbara L. Bryant, $289,900.

OSPREY CT., 8500-Digna Rittenho and Rollin F. Bright to Gregory Dash, $275,000.

PINEHURST DR., 9108-Alexander L. and Patricia A. Manson to Luis and Pedro Figaro, $250,000.

PITT DR., 11907-Bertha N. Williams to Mirna C. Toscano and Alis A. Turcios, $300,000.

PORTLAND AVE., 1600-Robert L. and Marie S. Savoy to Sonia A. and Sebastian Jones, $549,000.

PORTLAND AVE., 1702-Ruby E. Garrett to Clinton A. Cobb, $240,000.

POTOMAC VALLEY CT., 8402-William R. Gorgoroso to Tamara S. Johnson, $295,000.

POTOMAC VALLEY DR., 510-John E. and Geraldine F. Thomas to Roxanne M. and Jesse K. Reisman, $355,400.

RIVER FOREST LANE, 121-Julian and Rebecca A. Palinski to Donald C. and J. Deanna Easley, $540,000.

SUMMIT PL., 4400-David S. and Shioko M. Shimomura to Roshanda and James Sandy, $217,000.

TANTALLON DR. E., 701-Michael K. Chapman to Patrick Legore, $340,000.

WOLF ST., 2009-Pamela D. and Nathan E. Brown to Tamara D. Colvin, $250,000.

Glenn Dale Area

HARBOR AVE., 9901-Salami Fadiga to Henry A. and Christiana Slowe, $325,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 6914-Golden Star Corp. to Claudia M. and Carlos O. Torres, $345,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENDALE PL., 14-David J. Morrissette to Chester K. Nash, $299,900.

HANOVER PKWY., 6976, No. 101-Theresa A. Sheehan to Ronald T. Tsunezumi, $125,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7718-Nicholas Moore to Jeanette and Kevin M. Walters, $178,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 7730, No. 202-Dolores J. King to Evelyn L. Kenley, $178,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732, No. T3-Kerry K. Neal to Beverly R. Reed, $185,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6600-Richard R. Boykin to Lula Adem and Rukia Negash, $225,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6620-Florine M. Williams to Maria C. Orellana and Thomas Schraa, $226,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7744-Theresa A. Rozum to Doug Mangum, $71,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7838-Marcia M. and Scott K. Bringen to Ava B. Freeman, $194,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7868-Ewanda R. Thompson to Cicely C. Gilmore, $179,500.

LAKECREST DR., 8024, No. 6B-Dorn K. Brasfield to Joan L. Rosado, $169,000.

MANDAN RD., 7929, No. 203-Alfreda Addison to Donald James Jr., $180,000.

RIDGE RD., 107-Kathleen M. and James J. Cooney Jr. to John F. McGarvey, $469,900.

SOMERSET CT., 7805-Eric L. Reiser to Wallace C. and Janette R. Olsen, $285,000.

Hyattsville Area

BANNER ST., 4710-Fiona K. Innes and Darrin K. Helsel to Timothy R.H. Pearson, $339,900.

ELBERTON CT., 5617-Carlos Villacorta to Javier Coreas, $250,000.

GALLATIN PL., 5611-Jose M. Lopez to Edwin A. and Joaquin Padilla, $280,000.

KENNEDY ST., 4212-Gina L. More and Elizabeth C. Barnes to Joel P. Kelty, $262,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 311-Angela Nanni and Donald A. Toy to Colonial Real Estate Corp., $106,000.

43RD ST., 6110-Howard E. Hofma and Elaine M. Fox to John A. Spillane, $270,000.

59TH AVE., 5023-Nancy K. and John H. Leagan to Silvio Velasco Torres, $238,000.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9104-Elba E. and David A. Gutierrez to Mody Sissoko, $260,000.

ALCONA ST., 9107-Lamberton Partnership to Diana F. and Thanhtam T. Nguyen, $273,000.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8622-Maryan E. Daniel to Garrett Coble, $140,000.

CAWKER AVE., 7930-Algern R. Williams to Kanvee Flah, $175,000.

CORTLAND LANE, 8805-Melissa K. and Robert T. Evans Jr. to Grace M. Wood, $245,000.

DOVER LANE, 7511-Daniel Retta to Jose E. Munoz and Rufina Pineda, $305,000.

ELLERBIE ST., 5405-Willie M. Outla and Johnnie M. Swain to Maria Nunez, $230,000.

FORBES BLVD., 6821-Elizabeth Gardner to Timothy A. Frasier, $262,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 6504-Patrina S. Savage to Michelle Y. Greenfield, $300,000.

JEFFREY AVE., 5607-Patricia A. and Howard F. Simmons to Santiago Garcia, $279,000.

KINZER ST., 9103-JBN Realty Investments Inc. to Nelsin B. Cruz and Ever Velasquez, $285,000.

LURIA LANE, 9715-Jeffrey P. Washington to Glenda S. Willis, $338,000.

NORDIC DR., 9501-Linda J. and David V. Faucette to Chase Manhattan Bank, trustee, $180,000.

PRISCILLA CT., 8809-Bernard T. and Brenda A. Fuller to Pamela A. and Eric C. Redmond, $459,000.

SEASONS WAY, 8667, No. 7C-8667 Seasons Way Land Trust to Rachael Taylor, $178,000.

SEASONS WAY, 8681-Marvin Clark to Barbara J. Barron, $175,025.

STORCH CT., 6800-Kimberly Moore to Mariana and Viorel Panaite, $260,000.

STORCH CT., 6805-Ruth E. Abraham to Nana Ghansah and Kofi Karikari, $278,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 9708-Roland and Minnie C. Iwunze to Deysi D. Cabrera and Andres A. Moreno, $289,900.

WOOD STREAM CT., 9902-Julie M. Olaniyi to Chikwelu C. Uyanwune, $345,000.

WOOD THRUSH DR., 7032-Larry S. Balducci to Troy H. Egerson, $342,500.

WOODBERRY ST., 9406-Martin A. and Denise D. Johnson to Jose A. and Rosa L.H. Escobar, $282,200.

WYATT DR., 9331-Hai Nguyen to Manuel A. Perez, $257,000.

FOURTH ST., 9305-Delita Jeremy to Jolita and Calvert Jeremy, $253,000.

FIFTH ST., 9205-Richard C. Okoye to Noemi and Rolando Contreras, $250,000.

Largo Area

AVIS DR., 608-Wiletta D. Bluford to Virginia P. Collington, $235,000.

BIG CHIMNEY BRANCH, 134, No. 10-1-Bryan A. Burnette to Olivia Scott, $146,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3371-B-Earline Simons and Vincent Bullock to Barbara Lindsay, $125,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7656, No. 42-Glenn Balick to Elleni Alebachew, $192,000.

ARBORY CT. E., 7609-Agnes O. and Patty C. Nicholson to Kathyrn L. Nelson, $173,000.

ASHFORD CT., 14916-Karen D. Edwards to Justine C. Abouss and Andre E. Eba, $270,000.

BELLE AMI DR., 14954-Sandra Phoenix to Roger S. Komhey, $231,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14127, No. 412-Chance A. Irby to Mohamed I. Majeed, $150,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7620-Sandra A. Miles to Rosibel S. and David Buruca, $245,000.

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 7100-Abraham Wekpe to Ngozi V. Egege, $290,000.

CHESTNUT CT., 14015-Robert J. Carl to David P. Vicenty, $269,000.

DORSET RD., 15712-William R. and Judith E. Lewis to Ivy M. McDonald and Daisy M. Dawson, $150,000.

HAINES CT., 7511-Russell H. and Joy M. Harbaugh to Sue M. and Keith L. Hurley, $209,000.

IRVING ST., 108-Michael J. Schindler to Mohani and Cecil Deonauth, $146,000.

JIB ST., 14239, No. 31-Nicole M. and Michael J. Rossetti to Leticia Drakeford, $190,000.

MAYFAIR DR., 14507-Ronni L. Hill and Sean C. Grimes to Kofi Bawuah, $289,000.

MAYFAIR RD., 7001-Uchenna Ojiaku to Calvin Nguyen, $300,000.

MAYFAIR TERR., 6946-Ugo and Georgie and Roseline N. Ude to Treshia Jarrette, $265,000.

OXFORD DR., 14216-Juanita and Henry Clark III to Gisele S. Mofor, $321,050.

RUNABOUT CT., 14313, No. 21-Renee E. Patterson to Simone T. Stewart, $180,000.

SANDY SPRING RD., 8036-Valorie J. and Michael J. Gillespie to Christopher and Jamie Deturris, $205,250.

TALBOTT AVE., 403-Atlantic Investments to Maria G. and Ian D. Morley, $229,999.

Montpelier Area

CHERRY LANE, 9254, No. 17-Patricia A. Boyle to Arnold Bowlin, $110,000.

CHURCH FIELD LANE, 8902-Stephen and Mary L. Chatrnuck to Golda S. Ginsburg and Paul S. Herrnson, $390,000.

DUCKETTOWN RD., 12707-Elizabeth and G.C. Moody to Shirvanie Nanan, $209,500.

ISPAHAN LOOP, 9311-Jennifer A. and Jon T. Reitz to Robert E. Mirowicz, $285,000.

OAK STREAM DR., 8407-Harvey A. and Arlene Rabinowitz to Manuel Pineda and Jasmin Ayala, $335,000.

OXWELL LANE, 8773-Paul B. Pepal to John J. Bienko Jr., $380,000.

PLEASANT CT., 9202-Ruth C. and Larry Ducey Legnini to Stacey L. and John H. Drain Jr., $392,500.

SUMMIT LANE, 14207-Kendall R. and Yvonne W. Dean to Jennifer L. and Carl J. Summers, $382,500.

SUMNER GROVE DR., 8917-Frank T. and Sandra S. Richards to Kimberly and Kyle D. Cragg, $423,500.

TUSCANY DR., 11738-Brian C. Davis to Tremayne Norris, $325,000.

Mount Rainier Area

SHEPHERD ST., 3106-Patricia D.N. and Gregory Clemmons to Edwin C. Watkins and Ruth N. Gaines, $279,900.

29TH ST., 4017-Flor M. Gomez Duenas to Catalina Sol, $195,000.

31ST ST., 3800-Beltway Properties Inc. to Njideka Olatunde, $265,500.

New Carrollton Area

EMERSON RD., 7766-Wendy and Steven Keesler to Jose A. Romero Jr., $223,000.

FARMCREST DR., 7416-Omotayo S. Awotunde to Juliana Alamu, $300,000.

GOODWIN ST., 6809-Tyrone R. Jackson to Martha and Carlos Bautista, $228,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5538, No. 1630-Benton N. Stewart Jr. to Nneka Matlock, $66,000.

RICHLEY CT., 4103-Ajibola A. Banire to Olatunji K. Olanlokun, $286,000.

65TH AVE., 3617-Lenteen I. Mal and Denevol A. Samuels to Lizardo G. Pineda, $250,000.

71ST AVE., 3906-WFC Flagship Corp. to Amadu M. Kanu, $135,000.

71ST AVE., 4233-Jacqueline C. and Wilfred A. Turner to Marisol D. Barahona, $206,000.

72ND AVE., 4206-Julio L. Aquino Avila to Edgar and Antanacio Machuca, $210,000.

72ND AVE., 4210-Ezirike C. Okechukwu to Juan C. and Gerardo Ayala, $292,000.

78TH AVE., 5002-Douglas N. Hinton to McIahel A. Oputa, $163,000.

85TH AVE., 5432, No. 101-Ria N. Ryan to Shadey and Myron T. Brown, $88,500.

85TH AVE., 5900-Joyce B. Barnes to Mario E. and Edgar M. Alfaro, $265,000.

89TH AVE., 5821-Jose D. and Maria Abarza to Nora M. and Juan A. Flores, $297,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ALICE AVE., 2010-Joyce E. Person to Theresa and Christopher M. Ryan, $139,000.

ALICE AVE., 2061-Clementine Kinard to Yvette M. and Elton Harps, $134,000.

BEN DR., 7412-Curtis L. and Angela M. Williams to Raymond W. and Afenia S. Hubbard, $371,000.

CREE DR., 134-Catherine Archuleta to Paul E. Stanton, $185,000.

DELAWARE DR., 5621-Beltway Properties Inc. to Digna Lazo, $252,500.

LEVERETT ST., 5207-Raymond L. Doster to Christina Jordon, $138,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 7509-Gilbert J. Hirscher Jr. to Genneya Briscoe, $222,000.

MYSTIC AVE., 1808-Devin C. and Anthony L. Lovitt Sr. to Admiral Mortgage Inc., $147,716.

NEPTUNE AVE., 802-Bertha Johnson to Jose A. Trinidad, $144,000.

OXON HILL RD., 7307-Nehemias and Emma Garcia, trustees, to Nohemy and Victor M. Caballero, $302,500.

PORTABELLO CT., 1230-Naurice Leigh to Karen Reyes and Humberto Medrano, $252,000.

ROANNE DR., 7409-Emit J. and Sandra J. Newsome to Francisco and Sonia Carbajal, $246,000.

SACHEM DR., 5513-John E. Lawson to Candace and Alvin Ambrose, $180,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 541, No. 6740-Dorothy L. Hankerson to Carmen M. Davis and Edith I. Deandrade, $105,500.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 542-John and Mary Kam to Valerie J. and Ronald W. Walker, $57,000.

Riverdale Area

BEACON PL., 6904-Alice F. and Yaw F. Agyapong to Adams Opoku, $250,000.

EASTPINE DR., 5809-Leticia and Ernesto Carino to Hilario A.C. Giron, $210,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 6309-Carianne Keller to Anthony Evans, $153,000.

MADISON ST., 6003-Dianne R. Thomas to Michelle Hare, $132,000.

OAKLAND AVE., 6709-Robert N. Oerter to Felipe and Socorro A. Reyes, $260,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 6008-Isaac and Hilda Rodriguez to Ileana and Rafael Martinez, $255,000.

SILK TREE DR., 5600-Eric D. and Shari B. Alston to Sonia E. and Santos B. Bonilla, $430,000.

SOMERSET RD., 6013-Daphne Babardy and Felix Amara to Silvia M. Martin, $239,000.

51ST AVE., 6315-Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Silvia V.H.D. and Javier Balmes, $180,000.

58TH AVE., 6118-Jennifer L.S. and Robert F. Thompson to Edmundo Garcia Jr., $180,000.

59TH AVE., 6302-Paul A. Clark to Young Kang, $115,000.

63RD AVE., 5818-Kenfe Bellay to Leonid Figueroa, $206,754.

64TH AVE., 5806-Tannura K. Elie to Vicente E. Esparza, $205,000.

Suitland Area

CRAB APPLE CT., 4126-Lisa R. Allen to Renita Johnson, $174,000.

HURON AVE., 4794-Lisa S. and Marcus E. Turner to Sonia Prudencio, $160,000.

JOHN ST., 4504-Derek L. and Sharron L. Calhoun to Patricia and Douglas Joyner, $251,000.

PICKETT DR., 6926-Lindsey F. Papion to Owen B. Ferguson Jr., $184,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3807-William C. Jeffreys III to Hook Eu, $65,000.

SHADYSIDE AVE., 2523-Vanessa Jenkins to Leonard F. Robinson Jr., $230,000.

SWANN RD., 3811, No. T-1-Jacqueline R. Brown to Marshall Cain, $100,000.

WOODLAND RD., 6708-Carl C. and Denise E. Burger to Thomas P. and Susan C. Kidd, $183,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE, 2382-William J. Plater to Terri Snowden, $179,900.

BEAUMONT ST., 3210-WFC Flagship Corp. to Gina L. Summers, $157,000.

BEAUMONT ST., 3235-Ginger L. Scoggins to Brenda C. Kelly, $162,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3126-Stephen R. Seaquist to Annabelle and Robert K. Obey, $64,000.

CAMP SPRINGS AVE., 5702-Guy H. Trueman to 5702 Camp Springs Ave Corp., $205,000.

DANVILLE DR., 4101-Audrey C. and John A. Burroughs Jr. to Benjamin C. Miller, $240,000.

DUNLAP ST., 3510-Alicia D. Hardison to Deborah M. Edmonds, $180,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3316, No. T-2-Angela M. Powell to Tyrone W. Blakeney, $97,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3326, No. A-3-Myra R. McKinney to Kevin Battle, $110,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 5718-Elizabeth B. Chaney trust to Sherry Howard and Katherine J. Smith, $235,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 3110-Ferdinand J. Jr. and June Urbanek to Betty J. and Seyoum Gebrehiwot, $187,000.

SUMMERHILL RD., 6016-David C. and Linda M. Evans to Stephanie and Phillip Griffin, $330,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 5021-Elizabeth R. Hu and Emil Mariast to Cynthia M. and Issac H. Dillon, $350,000.

23RD PKWY., 4216-Thomasine J. and Robert L. Hewins to Ronald E. Jackson, $245,000.

27TH AVE., 3400-Loretta Malloy to Thomas Dunn, $205,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

KIMBERLY RD., 3105-Ruth M. Dodson to Rosa I. Munoz and Jeovanni M. Ramos, $242,000.

RAY RD., 1321-Derrick C. Ball to Luther Mosby, $197,000.

18TH AVE., 5703-Angela Long to Shariece Budd, $188,000.

40TH AVE., 5805-Jose D. Baires to Yesenia P. Cruz, $265,000.

44TH AVE., 6712-William F. Scharnikow to Jeffrey D. Walters, $399,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

AMBERFIELD DR., 4715-Sharon L. Dessaure to Brian Richardson, $238,000.

BECKENHAM PL., 4409-Reginald Cain to Novie C. Drayton, $248,000.

BROCK HALL DR., 14500-Carmen Bovell Chester to Leslie and Lewis Davis, $462,950.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10103-Gregory A. Barnes to Travis Johnson, $180,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 9909-Cynthia Russell to Roanne C. and Armando O.C. Valle, $172,000.

CIRCA CT., 12408-Charlette A.M. and Ernest R. Young to Dawn L. Barbour, $268,000.

COLONEL FENWICK PL., 4637-Nancy L. Gillen to Nicole S. Bryan, $268,900.

DALE DR., 9706-Ruth G. Wieland to Peter J. Georges, $307,500.

EDWALL DR., 13801-Michael L. Younger to Jamal and Laticia M.D. Black, $202,500.

ELIZABETH PARNUM PL., 10611-Keith A. and Jeanine Porter to Celeste C. and Andel I. Owens, $286,000.

ELIZABETH PARNUM PL., 10705-Beauford Mensah to Larhonda D. Rose, $265,000.

EYRE DR. N., 3518-Chanelle and Tony E. Perry to Alfred N. Lipford Jr., $270,000.

GOVERNOR SPRIGG PL., 14501-Sheryl A. Coston to Karen E. Farmer, $267,000.

GRAND VIEW CT., 13104-Eric D. Wesley to Chirleeta M. Wilkinson, $250,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8905-Terrence J. Quinn to Cathy P. Jackson, $185,000.

GREEN APPLE TURN, 9720-Pilar Ciaramello to Teresa Luyo and Eulogio Estrada, $260,000.

HALLORAN CT., 4604-Valerie P. Tucker to Edward R. and Antoinette Wooten, $366,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14257, No. G-707-Eric S. Hughett to Farmarra Bush, $193,000.

HARCOURT RD., 4818, No. 24-Vicki A. Harris to Patricia W. Weaver, $261,000.

HAVRE TURN DR., 7314-Sally G. and Franklin D. Bledsoe to Jeramy E. Hampton, $250,300.

HEIDI MARIE CT., 12717-Kehinde O. and Olajumoke O. Somoye to Nicole and Robert Green, $219,900.

HENRY DARNALL CT., 10901-Soneni N. and Charles S. Gordon to Carol R. Mould, $245,000.

HOLLAWAY DR., 10810-Donald L. Fadely to Anna Tendongfack, $267,000.

HUMMINGBIRD LANE, 9714-Vernelle and Earl Robinson to John A. Harvell, $285,000.

LORD LOUDOUN CT., 4422-Stacie A. Beard to Sharon K. Andrews, $130,000.

LOWERY LANE, 5803-Janice M. and Gary H. Turner to Charles M. Martin, $550,000.

LYNDIA PL., 9928-Judith P. and Caldwell B. Beattie to Marjorie Dallas, $230,000.

MARATHON DR., 10702-Kirk L. and Christina T. McLean to Tolulope O. and Anthony Smith, $337,000.

MARLTON AVE. N., 12101-Frankqunetta and Stanley C. Dillon to Banda Leo, $350,500.

MIDSTOCK LANE, 12713-Mary R. Ande and Sylvester Brown Jr. to Tracy and Thomas R. Bozung, $256,900.

MONTROSE ST., 9529-Mary J. and Romey S. Cutright to Obed M. Castillo, $266,000.

MOUNT CALVERT RD., 14728-Torgunn B. and Thomas M. Eckroad to Timberlake Custom Homes Corp., $77,000.

OLD BURTON CIR., 9127-Clara M. and Joseph Kuntz Jr. to Charleen Jenkins, $295,000.

PRINCE PL., 10123, No. 101-10A-Joyce A. Washington to Cordella G. Holloway, $115,000.

PRINCE PL., 10125, No. 403-11B-Viola E. Laird to Myra A. Laird, $96,500.

PRINCE PL., 10236, No. 18-108-Gracie M. Gordon to Angela B. and John H. Maxey, $140,000.

RED JADE CT., 11407, No. 1-5-Adrienne M. Simms to Paula D. Woods, $175,000.

RHEIMS CT., 8515-Joseph E. Clerkin Sr. to Zena P. Brooks, $240,500.

ROSARYVILLE RD., 9903-Judith A. Langreich to Donna M. and Richard L. Davis Jr., $300,000.

RUTHERFORD RD., 14200-Daniel A. and Danielle N. Greene to Tonie and Eric Morman, $390,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10140, No. 26-1-Krystina L. Stewart to Monique R. Madara, $147,900.

SHERWOOD FOREST WAY, 9104-Barbara N. Gray to Hope M. and John L. Gray, $247,500.

SWISS GAP RD., 136-Lilda L. and George Barrett to Gina Strickland, $140,000.

SYBARIS DR., 7214-Shnea and Brian K. Edwards to Tina Robinson, $247,000.

THRUSH PL., 12701-Charlane C. Garner to Melody Wilson, $270,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 12913-Darryl M. Butle and Trudie H. Taylor to Eugene Daughty, $185,000.

WEDGEDALE CT., 12743-Laverne Durham to Joan Garrett, $252,000.


Lake Arbor Area

ALBERT DR., 1718-Shirley E. and Juanita P. Watts to Albert E. Joseph, $505,000.

BALD HILL RD., 10011-Loretta and Charles L. Jones to Albersynia R. Quarles, $299,900.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10403, No. 218-Monica R. and David F. Young to Diana Fauntroy, $145,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10408, No. 9-201-Towana N. Green to Sholayide S. and Kehinde A. Adebayo, $160,000.

CYPRESS POINT CIR., 923-Cecilia Contreras to Catyondia M. and Elbert Ballard, $380,000.

FORESTGROVE LANE, 10212-Mickey L. and Vanessa B. Sellers to Maria J. and Maricela Campos, $260,000.

HALLANDALE TERR., 12060-Marquette Roher to Andre Butler, $178,000.

JASPER CT., 503-Daniel K. and Nancy G. Brunskole to Keith G. and Kimberly M.A. Warren, $440,000.

JUNIPER DR., 10205-Shirley T. and James E. McQueen to Ngu Mbandi, $412,000.

KENCREST DR., 10904-Ashraf and Naz and Arshad E. Rizvi to Grace M. and Michael A. George, $430,000.

LISLE DR., 703-Marc W. Roane to Carolyn Hill, $275,000.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 9904, No. 107-Steven Pollock to Kari N. Gaskins, $265,000.

SILVERBELL CIR., 1706, No. 131-Latrice and Richard Farmer to Luther R. Clark, $268,000.

STILLWATER PL., 602-Brenda L. Zollicoffer to Kali S. Banks, $274,900.

WESTHAVEN DR., 913-Helen M. Parker to Kiyana D. and Clyde A. Porter, $145,000.

WOODMONT CT., 905-Rudolph Escarne to Edner Escarne, $408,500.