What the Scores Showed

Here are Prince George's County elementary and middle schools the state says need improvement, based on tests in March and attendance data. The first column shows where the schools stand on the Maryland watch list under a complex rating process. The ratings are preliminary and could change on appeal.

Stage 1 requires Title I schools, which serve low-income families, to allow student transfers; Stage 2 requires them to offer extra tutoring. For any school, Stage 3 requires corrective action; Stage 4 requires restructuring plans, and Stage 5 requires restructuring.

Schools move onto the list and advance through the stages of oversight if they fail repeatedly to show adequate progress on yearly tests for a given demographic group of students, or if they fall short repeatedly on attendance. Schools can stay on the list in a holding pattern -- not advancing to the next stage -- if their problem areas vary. For example, if a school falls short on Hispanic reading scores two years in a row, it lands on the list. But if it meets reading standards for Hispanic students the next year, while falling short for the first time on disabled-student math scores, its status holds.

The status also holds if a school meets all state standards in a given year. To exit the list, a school must meet attendance targets and reach adequate yearly progress for all groups of students two years in a row. The word "yes" or "no" following the stage number indicates whether a school is eligible to exit the list in 2006.

The subsequent columns show how much Maryland School Assessment scores rose or fell in reading and mathematics in selected grades from 2004 to 2005. The positive and negative numbers show percentage-point changes from one year to the next for students reaching at least proficiency.

ElementaryGRADE 3 READINGGRADE 3 MATHGRADE 5 READINGGRADE 5 MATHApple Grove, Stage 1, no +4+12+10+30Arrowhead, Stage 4, no+13+1+12-9Benjamin D. Foulois, Stage 2, no +17+15+3+5Bladensburg, Stage 5, no -5+21+1+4Bradbury Heights, Stage 2, no+24+20+16+10Carole Highlands, Stage 1 holding, yes +10+5+27+21Clinton Grove, Stage 2, no +7+8+11+15Concord, Stage 3, no +21+20+9+19Cool Spring, Stage 2, no +30+33+28Cora L. Rice, Stage 2, no +11-1+3-2District Heights, Stage 1 holding, no +14+11-10-5Dodge Park, Stage 1 holding, yes +33+17+26+33Edgar Allan Poe/Shadyside, Stage 1 holding, no+21+30+14+24Forest Heights, Stage 1, no +20+23+29 +19Gaywood, Stage 5, no +15+27+25+16Gladys N. Spellman, Stage 1 holding, yes +20+23+16+12Glassmanor, Stage 1 holding, no +39+27+33-8High Bridge, Stage 1, no +18+18+7-7J. Frank Dent, Stage 1 holding, yes -5+5+17+4James H. Harrison, Stage 2, no -3-21+2-5John Eager Howard, Stage 4, no +1+1+4+8John Carroll, Stage 1, no +8+16-7+10Judge Sylvania W. Woods, Stage 2, no -19-27-3-5Kenmoor, Stage 2, no +18+5+10+17Lewisdale, Stage 1 holding, yes +6+9+11+5Longfields, Stage 4, no -11-12+5+6Lyndon Hill, Stage 5 holding, no +20+7+20+28Magnolia, Stage 1 holding, yes +15+27+16+5Matthew Henson, Stage 2, no +1+21+25+51Morningside, Stage 3, no +3+15+17+16Overlook, Stage 5, no +100+12-12Oxon Hill, Stage 2, no +13+17+150Phyllis E. Williams, Stage 1 holding, yes +18+7+15+22Riverdale, Stage 3, no -16-13-2+13Robert R. Gray, Stage 2, no +19+15+9+7Samuel P. Massie, Stage 1, no +8+4+12+25Seat Pleasant, Stage 1 holding, yes +20+20+17+20Thomas Claggett, Stage 2, no +7-7+16+17County average +8+8+9+8State average +5+5+6+6Middle GRADE 7 READINGGRADE 7 MATHGRADE 8 READINGGRADE 8 MATHAndrew Jackson, Stage 4, no -7+8+5+15Benjamin Stoddert, Stage 2, no +3+180+2Buck Lodge, Stage 2, no -1+8+5+23Charles Carroll, Stage 5 holding, no +8+13+1+15Drew Freeman, Stage 2, no 0+11-1+14Dwight D. Eisenhower, Stage 1 holding, no 0+8-2+12Ernest Everett Just, Stage 2, no +1+9-1+4G. Gardner Shugart, Stage 5 holding, no -4+40-1G. James Gholson, Stage 2, no -9-2-1+3Greenbelt, Stage 2, no -12+10-3+6Gwynn Park, Stage 1, no +3+7-7+2James Madison, Stage 4 holding, yes +2+19+11+16Kenmoor, Stage 2, no -1+9+3+13Kettering, Stage 2, no -11-7-7+12Nicholas Orem, Stage 5 holding, no -9+7+1+9Oxon Hill, Stage 2, no -6+11-3+7Stephen Decatur, Stage 5 holding, yes -6+7+3+12Thomas Johnson, Stage 4, no +1+7-4+4Thurgood Marshall, Stage 5 holding, yes +4+16-4+9William Wirt, Stage 2, no +1+6+4+3County average -2+9+1+8State average 0+6+3+6

SOURCES: Maryland State Department of Education, data analysis by Post staff writer Nick Anderson