Wilber, a D.C.-based construction worker, says he's "no holds barred" in the bedroom. BettiBopp, a writer and artist, has a thing for Mickey Mouse. How can you meet them? Turn on your television: Comcast's Dating on Demand service lets digital subscribers post two- to five-minute video profiles, which other customers can check out for free from the On Demand menu. Viewers can preview potential dates between a "Real World" marathon and a Nationals game. The video interviews do offer some advantages over standard-issue online profiles, particularly for the shallow among us -- you can scope out potential dates in a way that's more accurate than looking at a fuzzy photo taken five years ago.

If anyone catches your fancy, you can contact them through Comcast's partner, HurryDate.com. You'll have to fill out a HurryDate profile, and joining the service is free if you're willing to submit a video. If you're camera-shy and just want to contact others you've seen on the screen, you'll need to pony up $19.95 to send and receive messages for a month. Comcast also can do the taping for you, though no opportunities are currently scheduled for the D.C. area, so visit www.datingondemand.com to learn how to send your video through a webcam or by mailing in a videotape -- rated PG, of course.

Paul J. Williams