Baltimore-based authors Amy Lynwander and Melissa Rowell ain't afraid of no ghosts -- and they prove it in their spirited new read, "Baltimore's Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories" (Schiffer Publishing, $14.95). To compile the 160-page volume, the duo scared up more than three dozen out-of-this-world stories from locals who claim to have come face-to-face with . . . you guessed it. Of course, the authors had a head start: They'd already researched many of the tales for the Original Fells Point GhostWalk, the neighborhood walking tour they started in 2001.

The book's supernatural stories range from the mildly spooky (the Friends Tavern patron who caught Billie Holiday's specter mid-sashay) to the truly unnerving (the barkeep at the Horse You Came In On who witnessed Edgar Allan Poe throw a beyond-the-grave tantrum). And the 68 shot-on-location black-and-white photos only help add to the atmosphere.

Check the authors' Web site,, for a list of Baltimore stores that sell the book. Better yet, pick up a copy during one of Lynwander and Rowell's hour-long tours, which take place Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m., starting at the dart room in Max's Taphouse (731 S. Broadway, 410-522-7400, $12). There, a tour guide can tell you about the time Rowell bought a T-shirt at the Cat's Eye Pub from Jeff Knapp -- a man she later learned was a long-deceased bartender. Gulp!

Tony Sclafani

Baltimore's Harbor Haunts.