Once you have your starters lined up, a late-round gamble might be in order. Here are a few guys who could be worth the risk.

1. Jeff Garcia, QB, Detroit: The Lions offense is ready to explode. And while young Joey Harrington is the starter for now, Garcia is reunited with former coach Steve Mariucci in Motown. Garcia will see the field fast if Harrington struggles.

2. Terrell Owens, WR, Philadelphia: How is a guy who had 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns in 14 games last year a risk? Fantasy owners will be wary of Owens, who has spent more of the preseason whining (about his contract) than working. If he drops in the draft and you like attitude, grab him. But remember: No play, no pay.

3. Braylon Edwards, WR, Cleveland: Rookies are always a risk, but talented receivers on talent-deprived teams are a good investment. Bad teams throw the ball when they are trailing, so look for Edwards to be on the receiving end.

4. Ricky Williams, RB, Miami: In case you missed it, Williams spent last year on a spiritual journey away from football. He'll be the most talented backup in the league and an excellent late-round pickup if starter and rookie Ronnie Brown falters.

5. Chris Cooley, TE, Washington: Though officially a halfback, Cooley will be listed in most drafts as a tight end, where he caught the bulk of his 37 passes in the second half of last season. Joe Gibbs even admitted he was underutilized. If Redskin fans know anything about Gibbs, it's that he returns to what works -- and Cooley was working at the end of last year.

New Lions QB Jeff Garcia, far left, and media-hound Terrell Owens, right, along with Braylon Edwards, Ricky Williams and Chris Cooley, left to right, could spice up your roster -- or not.