Has your closet fallen prey to Banana Republic overload? Grace Wang and Alishia Frey, co-owners of the month-old Web site Unsungdesigners.com, want to help you branch out.

The D.C.-based duo has corralled about 20 indie fashion designers from around the country and given them a place to peddle their wares. You'll find Sola2's screen-printed halters, Tickled Pink Designs's delicate earrings and Julie Christenberry's fabric clutches, including the $29 one above. (Christenberry is one of five D.C.-based designers represented.) The site's aim? Helping up-and-comers who often lack the resources and experience to market themselves. Sure, the pieces tend to be more charming than chic, and some take the crafty concept a little too far, but the prices are generally fair, especially considering that many items are handmade.

Wang and Frey plan to open the doors of their company's Adams Morgan warehouse (2412 18th St. NW, Rear Door A, 202-234-1788) the first Saturday of each month, starting Oct. 1, noon-6 p.m. They'll also have a booth at Adams Morgan Day on Sept. 11 from noon-6 p.m. and host a post-festival reception at the warehouse from 6-8 p.m. Of their on- and off-line approach, Wang says, "We really want to be the underground, edgy place that people go to look for independent designers . . . things you're not going to find on anyone else."

Janelle Erlichman Diamond

Julie Christenberry's Large Grab bag purse from Unsungdesigners.com.