You know the type: that friend who heard about Bar Pilar weeks before anyone else. She's at the front of the line for Sassanova's sales, on a first-name basis with the staff at Bluemercury. Well, now you can go head-to-head with your plugged-in pal:, the free e-newsletter devoted to all that's hip, is starting a D.C. edition this month (you can sign up on the company's Web site now).

Daily Candy's concept was born in 2000, the brainchild of New York journalist Dany Levy; it's since expanded to include seven editions covering cities from Los Angeles to London, plus "Kids" and "Everywhere" editions. So why Washington, now? "We want to dispel the idea that there is nothing cool to do in D.C.," says newly-anointed editor Annie Lou Bayly, who is 29 and a District native.

Even though the idea that this area has great stuff going on won't shock most locals, it's still nice to have someone else do the legwork for you. Sign up, and you'll be greeted six days a week by a 150-word treatise about happenings in food, fashion, beauty, arts and travel, in and around the District. Looking for a Pilates instructor who makes house calls in Georgetown? Need the dish on Alexandria's latest, greatest tapas bar? This is your site. Sure, occasionally the cutesy lingo used in other cities' editions sounds like it came straight out of "Clueless," but as 30-second reads go, this one is both entertaining and surprisingly informative.

Terri Sapienza