There's no bottle opener in sight. You've tried the lighter, the table-edge, even given thought to biting. Yet that pesky bottle cap still won't budge. Enter, where you can order a stainless steel ring with a bottle opener carved right into it for a mere $9.99. You place the ring on your middle finger and hook the rim of the cap in the ring's groove. A firm flick of the wrist removes the cap.

The company's Web site is easy to use, even offering a printable chart to help you figure out your ring size. Once you have the ring in hand, you should practice on a few brews before performing the trick for friends. It took me only a couple of tries to figure out the right combination of leverage, pressure and speed, but even one failed public attempt (likely resulting in Yuengling foaming all over my wife) would have ruined my chance to show off.

Once I got the hang of the ring, I was a fan. A $19.95 gold version recently has been added to the site -- but I, sadly, have been denied permission to replace my wedding band.

Andrew Jones