Sure, record producer Michael Preston once worked with Motley Crue, but these days, the stay-at-home father of two is changing his tune. His latest musical offering? A CD designed to drive the diapered demographic straight to dreamland: "Storieszzz: The Adventures of Faye & Fred" ($9.99 at, which contains four six-minute tales about a brother and sister heading out to the zoo (and the beach and camp), only to eventually -- you guessed it -- conk out to the soothing melody of Brahm's Lullaby.

Yes, the suspense level is lacking, but the simple yarns are calming. My 31/2-year-old son, Nicholas, was intrigued by the narrator's soothing voice, though it didn't work for him as a sleeping aid.

The CD is a fitting follow-up to Preston's 2003 "Infant Calm," ($9.99), a simple but ingenious concept tailor-made for the colicky crowd. Its six tracks include "Hair Dryer Whistle" and "Vacuum Cleaner Waltz," and each sounds just as you'd expect, given its title. Preston got the idea one night when he accidentally realized the noise of an oven fan put his infant daughter to sleep.

My own six-month-old daughter, Julia, may not have colic, but she has had a recent string of sleepless nights (teething!). She didn't dig the "Washing Machine Purr" or "Clothes Dryer Hum" -- but oddly enough, she fell sound asleep to the "Washer and Dryer Combo Special."

John Maynard