"I've always been interested in art," says Arlington-based chocolatier Jason Andelman. It's no surprise, then, that the former TenPenh pastry chef has unveiled Artisan Confections. The new collection of hand-dipped chocolates ($20-$36) comes in tempting flavors such as Orange Caramel, White Chocolate Passion Fruit and Tahitian Vanilla Bean, and is designed by six Arlington artists.

There's sound-installation artist Richard Chartier's confection: a visualization of the audio waveform created when the word "chocolate" is spoken. Laura Jane Hamilton, a self-taught artist, works in a less cerebral mode. Her chocolaty creation features whimsical dogs surrounded by a trail of bones.

"To get to make a piece of art that you like, and then you get to put it on chocolate, which you love -- well, it's just the best of both worlds," Hamilton says. And with proceeds benefiting Arlington County arts organizations, these are the rare sweet treats you won't feel too guilty about consuming.

Lisa Traiger

Available at the Winery, 317 S. Washington St., Alexandria, 703-535-5765; Planet Wine (formerly Daily Planet), 2004 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, 703-549-3444; and www.artisanconfections.com.

Sunday Source: 10/16/05: Artisan Confections chocolates