Office holiday gift exchanges are almost always a bust. Few hits, lots of misses. For every Secret Santa who comes through with a fabulous bottle of wine or a pound of gourmet chocolate, there are a dozen more who hand out the lump-of-coal equivalent. Christmas oven mitt, anyone? Reindeer tie? Soap on a string? Gifts so bad they can't even be re-gifted.

We want to know if you've had particularly good or bad luck with this annual office ritual. Are you a vegetarian who received five pounds of beef jerky? A film snob who got a Tom Cruise poster? Or did your holiday giver hit a home run with something much more thoughtful? Maybe a CD mix of songs by your favorite bands or, who knows, that cute little live panda cub you always wanted?

Please tell us the favorite -- or least favorite -- holiday office present you've ever received as well as any pertinent circumstances that puts the gift in context. And no, you can't include fruitcake. We'll share the results in the next few weeks -- just in time for all of you last-minute shoppers.

E-mail 150 words or less to by Friday. Thanks!