With glee, the Sunday Source announces its first-ever Peeps Diorama Contest.

Read that sentence again if you like.

We're serious. It's the start of Peeps season, when those marshmallowy chicks and rabbits clog checkout lines. Now you have an incentive to buy them (or use the ones that have been languishing in your pantry the past three Easters).

We want you to make a diorama of a famous occurrence or scene. It can be a historic or current event, or it can be a nod to pop culture. The one rule is that all the characters in the diorama must be played by Peeps.

(Our ideas? "The Peeple v. Larry Flynt." Or Penelopeep Cruz in "Volver." Or a scene from MTV's "Peep My Ride.")

So, to recap: Think of a scene. Buy the appropriate number of Peeps. Make your diorama using a shoe box or comparable item. (Dress up the Peeps, if you want. Give them pipe-cleaner arms or jelly bean feet.) Take a couple of photos of the diorama. E-mail them in JPEG format to sundaysource@washpost.com with "Peeps" in the subject line. Include your name, daytime phone number and home town, plus the diorama's title.

Submissions are due March 18. But keep your masterpiece on hand: We'll pick five finalists and send a courier to pick up those dioramas to be photographed professionally. Winners will be announced and feted April 8.

Get cracking, peeple.