Deposits at the District of Columbia banks rose about 7 per cent in 1976 to a record high of $4.33 billion on Dec. 31, according to a Washington Post survey completed yesterday.

The rate of deposit growth was up slightly from a 6 per cent rate in the previous two years of local economic stagnation and all but one Washington bank - United National - reported a gain for last year.

In a separte report, the D.C. Clearinghouse Association announced that the volume of checks cleared at local banks - a key measure of overall business volume - rose 15.97 per cent last year.

Annual volume was $14,000,283,624.60 compared with $12,166,296,507.05 the previous year. December was a particularly strong month with check clearings up 18.47 per cent to $1,293,489,464.43 from $1,091,759,478,82, apparently reflecting heavy Christmas season retail sales.

Riggs National Bank maintained itsposition as the largest bank in Metropolitan Washington with Dec. 31 deposits of $1.46 billion compared with $1.45 billion a year earlier.

American Security & Trust remained second with deposits of $1.15 billion (a gain of $84 million) and National Bank of Washington recorded one of the largest percentage increases - up $58 million, or 11 per cent, to $574 million.

Union First and National savings & Trust Co. remained the city's fourth and fifth largest banks, respectively. Details on the individual banks follow:

William H. Jones and Laura Quirk

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA(TABLE) (COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1976(COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1975(COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1974 American(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) India Nat.(COLUMN)$ 18,732,078(COLUMN)$ 10,480,837(COLUMN)$ 10,854,241 A S & T(COLUMN) 1,147,675,683(COLUMN) 1,064,174,889(COLUMN) 973,262,169 Bank of(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) Columbia(COLUMN) 31,048,912(COLUMN) 21,763,209(COLUMN) 13,738,869 DC National(COLUMN) 48,717.448(COLUMN) 46,256,797(COLUMN) 45,380,080 Diplomat National(COLUMN) 7,158,662(COLUMN) 953,142(COLUMN) (Not open) Hemisphere Natl.(COLUMN) 8,592,525(COLUMN) 5,534,003(COLUMN) 3,153,451 Industrial Bank(COLUMN) 37,855,772(COLUMN) 36,607,547(COLUMN) 37,940,260 Madison Natl.(COLUMN) 82,441,078(COLUMN) 78,493,552(COLUMN) 84,007,652 McLachlen(COLUMN) 39,079,136(COLUMN) 36,743,258(COLUMN) 36,672,815 Natl. Bk. of(COLUMN)(COLUMN)(COLUMN) Washington(COLUMN) 573,792,707(COLUMN) 515,861,000(COLUMN) 432,269,288 National Capital(COLUMN) 35,517,706(COLUMN) 34,366,440(COLUMN) 31,547,282 N S & T(COLUMN) 308,572,938(COLUMN) 300,418,663(COLUMN) 301,400,366 Riggs National(COLUMN) 1,464,814,122(COLUMN) 1,353,077,413(COLUMN) 1,337,684,662 Security Bank(COLUMN) 75,572,456(COLUMN) 73,241,505(COLUMN) 68,139,003 Union First(COLUMN) 431,921,316(COLUMN) 429,310,091(COLUMN) 240,654,199 United National(COLUMN) 23,096,980(COLUMN) 28,428,170(COLUMN) 26,716,358 Total(COLUMN)$4334,590,519(COLUMN)$4,055,710,516(COLUMN)$3,825,653,126(END TABLE)