President Ford yesterday renominated former White House aide Patrick J. Delaney to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Delaney, a Democrat, recently resigned as associate director of the Domestic Council. His father, Rep. James F. Delaney (D-N.Y.) is expected to be the new chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee.

The congressman pressed hard for Ford to nominate his only child to SEC post, which has been vacant since April. Among those who opposed the initial nomination was SEC chairman Roderick M. Hills, himself a Ford nominee.

Hills, who would not comment on the renomination, opposed 35-year-old Delaney because he lacked experience in financial matters. A lawyers by education. Delaney's knowledge of the stockmarket comes mainly from a brief period as a broker with Harris, Upham & Co. of New York City.

The Senate Banking Committee, which must pass on SEC nominations, refused to hold hearings the first time Delaney's name was submitted. The committee is expected to wait unitl President-elect Carter's wishes on the SEC vacancy are known before taking up the latest Delaney nomination.

No knowledgeable Carter aides could be reached for comment on the Delaney nomination.

The Carter transition team has been considering successor to Hills, who may resign before his term runs out in June.

The law requires that no more than three of the five commissioners can be from the same party. Currently, there are three Republicans, including Hills, which means that two Carter-designated commissioners could create a dilemma for Carter. The new president may have a different choice for the vacancy, yet may not offend Delaney's influential.