"No other area in this country can duplicate the ingredients . . ."

"An always improving environment, many attractive plant and office sites, more services, a burgeoning market . . ."

". . . A city of successes, as well as opportunities for many more."

"In a nutshell . . . an exciting place to do business - an exciting place from every stanpoint."

And where is this business mecca? It's metropolitan Washington according to a new areawide promotional effort launced yesterday by the Metropolitan Washington Board of Trade and the area's various jurisdiction governments.

Starting immediately business people visiting here will be given "The Case for Washington" through a combination of advertisements at airports broadcasts announcements, testimonial brochures and case-like folder complete with data on the area, where to seek more information and complimentary theater and restaurant tickets.

The testimonial brochure, for example, includes pictures and statements from local business government and cultural leaders like those cited at the beginning of this story. Specifically, the quotes above are those of D.C. Mayor Walter E. Washington Fairfax County Board of Supervisors chairman John F. Herrity, restaureteur Ulysses G. Augur and Allegheny Airlines president Edward I. Colodny, respectively.

Among other individuals who submitted testimonials to Washington as the place for business to locate were Francis B. Sayre Jr., dean of Washington Cathedral; Roger L. Stevens, chairman of the Kennedy Center; Mrs. Jouett Shouse, donor of Wolf Trap: and John B. Jackson president of International Business Machines Corp's. federal systems divisions which is based here.

The "all-out drive to bring new business to the region" was described by business and government leaders yesterday as a continual program now in its first phase.

Board of Trade president Foster Shannon told reporters that the campaign will cost about $50,000 to "countless hours of volunteer efforts . . . maybe worth $100,000" by the entire area's business community.

And Prince George's County Executive Winfield Kelly emphasized that the multi-jurisdictional approach now being tried would be in addition to continued efforts by individual governments, such as his own, to attract new enterprises. "The individual campaigns and this new umbrella one . . . all attract to thisregion," Kelly stated.