Frustrated by their third-place mile-relay finish in the National AAU indoor championships Friday night, the D.C. Striders did not spend the rest of the week going around in circles.

They persevered on the oval route and found consolation in a dazzling 3:10.78 mile victory at the Canadian championships Sunday in Montreal.

The electronically timed performance, specially recored while the Canadian opposition traveled only 1,600 meters, was not for far off the world indoor record, since 1971. Moreover, it was posted with sprinted Dr. Delano Meriwether running the leadoff quarter in place of regular Dennis Walker, whose pulled muscle was instrumental in the AAU defeat.

Meriwether's gun-start leg of 48.44 compared favorably to those who followed on the run - Maurice Peoples 47.79, Fred Sowerby 47.30 and Stan Vinson 47.25.

"The people were shocked when Doc took off," Sowerby said. "Doc is really a better quarter miler than he is a sprinter, but he doesn't like to work."

Meriwether runs strictly for recreation. His research work in various medical fields, including sickle cell anemia and swine flu, have not left an abundance of time for hard training.

Sowerby, who successfully defended his AAU 600-yard title Friday, ran away from a mediocre field to win an invitation 600 meters in 1:18.26 at Montreal.