"We can stand a little glamor around here," said a stockholder of Riggs National Bank yesterday, as he shook hands with Margaret Truman Daniel.

The daughter of former President Harry S. Truman had just been elected a director of metropolitan Washington's largest financial institution - the first woman on the board in the bank's 140-year history.

In the front of the bank's ornate board room, stockholders crowded around Mrs. Daniel after their annual meeting in a scene reminiscent of the world of politics.

Even professional stockholder and annual meeting gadfly Evelyn Y. Davis, notorious for her complaints about most women in positions of power or influence, had kind words for the new director.

Mrs. Daniel was one of three persons newly elected to the 25-member Riggs board, along with Jorge E. Carnicero, chairman of Washington's Dynalectron Corp., and Oliver T. Carr Jr., president of Oliver T. Carr Management Inc.

Although she now resides in New York, Mrs. Daniel said yesterday she will travel to Washington frequently to take part in Riggs bank meetings and activities and as secretary of the Truman Scholarship Fund, which will name its first batch of 53 scholars in May and award scholarships for the colleges or universities of the students' choice.

At National Savings, & Trust Co., meanwhile, stockholders elected two women as new directors: Jeanne F. Begg, president of the J. F. Begg, Inc., real estate firm, and Ann Dore McLaughlin, director of corporate communications in Washington for Union Carbide Corp.

The new directors at the city's fifth largest bank replaced Mrs. Marion Dimick and William B. Willard, who were named directors emeritus.