Auto workers' struck a General Motors foundry in Illinois Monday over a new local contract, while workers at a Chrysler assembly plant in Detroit walked off the job despite a last minute contract settlement.

Some 2,100 members of United Auto Workers Local 579 struck GM's central foundry in Danville, Ill., after negotiations failed to reach a local agreement by the 11 a.m. strike deadline.

A GM spokesman said negotiations would resume Tuesday.

Bargainers for the UAW and Chrysler reached a local agreement two minutes before the 10 a.m. strike deadline at the Lynch Road assembly plant. But the settlement came too late to keep workers, members of UAW Local 51, from walking off the job.

Workers were expected back on the job for the afternoon shife. The plant, which assembles midsize cars, employs 4,100 workers.

Meanwhile, the UAW also announced Monday that workers at the General Motors guide lamp division plant in Monroe, La., the first southern plant organized after the auto firm signed a non-interference pledge, have ratified their first local contract.

The immediate result was to raise wage rates at the plant to the level of those in the main guide lamp plant in Anderson, Ind., meaning an average wage increase of about $80 a week for press operators.