Rep. Joshua Eilberg (D-Pa.) suggested yesterday that Congress over-rule President Carter when he decides against import quotas or tariff increases on behalf of hard-pressed U.S. industries.

Eilberg said Carter's refusal to take action against shoe impots "makes a mockery of the pledges we made to the American people in our Democratic Party platform."

His remarks were prepared for a rally in Philadelphia today sponsored by local units of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union.

Rejecting recommendations for mandatory curbs on mounting shoe imports, Carter opted for negotiations aimed at voluntary limitations.

"When Jimmy Carter ran for the presidency, he said that too many people have had suffer at the hands of a political and economic elite who have shaped decision and never had to account for mistakes," Eilberg said.

"Now, months later, Jimmy Carter has acted in support of that same political and economic elite . . . His decision on shoe imports and his impending decision on apparel imports makes a mockery of those high-flown promises of his."

Eilberg said existing law gives Congress veto power over trade decisions. "We'd better use that power now," he urged, "before imports destroy the American economy and prevent economic recovery."