Boeing Co. and Lockheed Aircraft Corp., two of the nation's leading acrospace firms, yesterday reported higher profits for the first three months of 1977.

Seattle-based Boeing said profits jumped from $15.6 million (74 cents a share) a year ago to $26.2 million ($1.33) in the past qiarter. Sales rose from $742 million to $755.9 million.

Boeing said it expects sales for the rest of this year will be "substantially above those for the first quarter, with total 1977 sales currently projected to be somewhat above the $3.9 billion level reported for 1976."

T.A. Wilson, Boeing's chairman and chief executive officer, told stockholders at the annual meeting that improved first-quarter profits were due principally to continue favorable performance of major programs, the impact of higher commercial jet transport orders had higher income from other activites.

Lockheed Aircraft Corp. announced first-quarter earnings of $12.1 million (81 cent a share) compared with $10.9 million (92 cents) duing the first three months of 1976.

The per-share profit fell as a result of warrants for new common shares issued to the company's lending banks in connection with a financial restructuring of Lockheed last October.

The higher net earnings were achieced despite drop in sales during the first three months ot $833 million from the $863 million a year earlier.

The company said earnings continued to reflect the amotization costs connected with the L1011 TriStar commercial jet. They also reflet the write-off of L1011 standby production costs due to reduced production levels. The TriStar program suffered a loss of $28.8 million during the quarter, compared with $24.4 million last year. Lockheed said.