Q: I have large bare spots in my lawn which is mostly bluegrass. Can I seed them now with any chance of success?

A: During late May, June and July probabilities of getting turfgrasses established from seeding are slim. Sodding is the reliable way of taking care of dead areas at this time of the year. The best time to seed is mid-August to mid-September.

Q: I've been told the best way to improve my garden soil is to buy earthworms. Do you agree?

A: Earthworms are not likely to remain very long in poor soil. On the other hand, if the soil is rich in organic matter, you don't need to buy them, they'll come of their own accord.

Worms are susually in the top 12 to 18 inches of soil because there they find most if not all of their food. As organic matter is added to soil, partial decompostion by bacteria and molds begins. This decomposed matter, plus bits of undecomposed material make up the earthworm's food. The mixture is swallowed and ground up in the worm's gizzard.

Organic matter has to be present for the worms to survive, according to specialist. The worms require oxygen and are present only in well-aerated soils. Moisture is also all-important.