Gould, Inc., a $1.3 billion electrical equipment manufacturer based in Arlington Heights, Ill., and two of its officers were accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday with failure to disclose a $940,000 real estate transaction between the firm and some of its officials.

Named in the SEC complaint were chairman William T. Ylvisaker and vice president for finance Edwin C. Parker. Both men and their firm agreed to a permanent injunction barring them from violating securities laws in the future, without admitting or denying any wrongdoing.

In another case, the SEC won a similar court order prohibiting future violations of securities laws against United States Lines, Inc., a subsidiary of Walter Kidde & Co., of Clifton, N.J. The SEC complaint alleged substantial improper and illegal payments of more than $2.5 million, including rebates to shippers and government officials.

Gould, Inc., said the SEC settlement to which it agreed will permit the company to consumate later this month previously announced plans to acquire Modicon Corp., of Andover, Mass., and Hydrosystems, Inc., of Melville, N.Y.

Involved in the agency's complaint against Gould is a 7-acre parcel of land adjacent to the firm's headquarters. The SEC alleged that Ylvisaker and Parket got Gould to buy the land for $940,000 and that a partnership of Gould's senior management (and outside lawyer) purchased a 32-acre plot next to the seven acres for $460,000.