Oliver H. Jones, executive vice president of the Mortgage Bankers Association for 10 years, has resigned over a conflict with the association's officers.

Although it was known that Jones, 55, was planning to gradually diminish his day-to-day role in running the trade association, which is headquartered here, the announcement of his departure said Jones and his officers had conflicting views of "officer activism in (association) management."

That's how Kennon V. Rothchild, of St. Paul, president of the 3,000-member association, phrased it in a letter sent earlier this week to the MBA board of governors. A search for a successor to Jones is already under way.

While Jones was unavailable for comment, persons close to him and MBA indicated no "bad blood" but rather an inability to agree on how strong a role as manager the $82,000-range executive should play.

The resignation is to take effect Oct. 26.

The Jones resignation was interpreted in housing circles differently than the officer-member pressure that resulted in the recent exodus of Nathaniel H. Rogg as executive from the National Association of Home Builders, although both involved members of trade associations becoming more active in the operation of their groups.

Trade association (member) officers increasingly want to be the "real "leaders" of the organizations rather than the executives who accumulate power and stature by their tenure in Washington.