One axion of intelligent business management is that there should be no hesitation at copying an example of some other firm's success.

Under that rule Drug Fair, Inc., an Alexandria-based retail drug chain, has decided to copy Giant Food, Inc.'s successful entry in the jeans apparel business.

Not only will Drug Fair open a chain of stores to compete with Giant and other retailers for the apparently instiable appetite of Americans for jeans and related leisure wear, but Drug Fair also has hired a former top officer from Giants to supervise merchandising for the new venture.

Drug Fair established a new subsidiary, Active Casuals, Inc., to specialize in waring apparel. Forty stores are expected to be open by the end of 1961.

Stuart M. Elsherg, senior vice president of the drug chain, will be president of the new subsidiary. He said the stores will feature Wrangler brand clothes for men, women and teenagers, plus casual wear and accessories by other manufacturers.

The stores will be called "Wrangler Food's "Pants Corrals," which feature products of Levi Strass & Co.

A chief target of both chains is the 14 to 34 year age group of consumers. Drug Fiar has named Walter Eatman, former operations manager for the Pants Corral chain to be regional operations and merchangise supervisor for Wrangler Wranch.