Dow Chemical Co. profits for the second quarter were the same as they were a year previously, $155 million (84 cents a share).

Sales rose 11.7 per cent to $1.56 billion, however.

Georia-Pacific Corp. postal record first-half and second-quarter earnings. The paper and wood products firm also reported records for sales and per-share earnings.

Sales for the three months ended June 30 were $938.8 million 19.9 per cent higher than a year before a spokesman said. Net income of $67.9 million was up 22.5 per cent from the previous year and earnings per share of 67 cents compared with 56 cents a year ago.

Six-month sales of $1.71 billion were 17.9 per cent above the first half last year. Earnings of $123.7 million in the six-month period gained 15 per cent over last year.

The Bendix Corp., which Treasury Secretary W. Michael Blumenthal headed until last January, reported third quarter earnings of $34 million ($1.52 a share) on revenues of $875 million compared with $29.4 million ($1.33) on revenues of $803 million a year ago.

For the current nine months, earning have totalled $90.7 million ($4.06) on sales of $2.48 billion compared with $79.2 million ($3.59) on reveunes of $2.25 billion a year ago.

Armco Steel Corp. reported that most of its profits centers have rebounded from a disappointing first quarter and officials expect continued improvement during 1977.

The company reported second-quarter earnings of $80 million (95 cents a share) on sales of $917.6 million, a substantial increase from the weather-impacted first quarter, but 5 per cent below the 1976, second quarter, when Armco earned $91.6 million ($1.21) on sales of $821.4 million.

New orders for energy control equipment and better computer profits nearly doubled Honeywell, Inc., earnings for the first six months of the year, the company reported.

On six month revenues of $1.366 billion, the company earned $60.5 million ($2.88 a share). In 1976, Honeywell reported revenues of $1.185 billion, earnings of $32.9 million and earnings per share of $1.63.

Second-quarter net income was $29.6 million ($1.41) compared with $17.1 million (84 cents) a year earlier, as revenues rose from $604.3 million to $705.9 million.

B. F. Goodrich Co., the nation's fourth largest tire and rubber-producing company, yesterday said its second-quarter net earnings had risen nearly 600 per cent over the comparable period last year.

The company pointed out that income in last year's second quarter had been adversely affected by a rubber industry strike.

The Akron-based firm said net earnings in the second quarter were $20.1 million ($1.38 a share), up from last year's $3.4 million (20 cents). Sales were reported as $582.1 million compared with $538.1 million a year ago.