Following is a list of 170 companies that own two or more daily newspapers in the United States.

Of the nation's 1,762 dailies, these companies now own approximately 60 per cent - 1,050. Of total daily U.S. newspaper circulation of about 61 million, the 170 companies' papers account for more than 43.9 million, or -2 per cent; of Sunday U.S. circulation of 51.6 million, the 170 companies had an even greater share of the total - 40 million, or 77 per cent.

Daily newspapers today are published in 1,548 U.S. cities; 2 or more daily papers are published in 187 of those communities. Of the dailies, 27 are tabloids.

The number of daily newspapers in the U.S. reached a peak of 2,200 in 1910. Less than 3 per cent of the cities with daily papers remaining today (fewer than 40) have competition between separate owners.

This list is based on data compiled initially last April by Robert A. Lane for Colin, Hochstin / CO., from Audit Bureau of Circulation reports for the six months ended Sept. 30, 1976, the Editor / Publisher magazine yearbook for 1976 and John Morton's newspaper reached newsletters.

Acquisitions announced publicly through mid July have been included in this list. Companies with names listed in boldface type are public companies - that is, some of their stock is owned by general investors and traded in the stock markets.