Goodyear today will introduce a new year-round radial tire that it says will make snow tires obsolete.

Goodyear said its new product is the first tire ever made that meets industry standards for winter tires but is intended for year-round use.

Named "Tiempo" - the Spanish word for season or time - the new tire will account for half of Goodyear's winter radial tire sales this fall and up to a third of its total radial sales in the snow belt, the company predicted.

Tire makers in the past have promoted radial tires for winter driving because of their improved traction on wet and snowy roads compared with bias-ply or bias-belted tires.

The Tempo, Goodyear said, is the first year-round radial to be certified as a snow tire. That means motorists can legally use the new tires on District and Maryland snow emergency routes, where chains or snow tires are required in bad weather, the company said.

Goodyear said the tire gets its winter traction from cleats that extend from the shoulder of the tire a half-inch into the tread, and from rubber compounds that maintain traction in cold weather. The tire body is made with two radial plies of polyester cord and two steel belts.

List prices on the new tire range from $39, for the smallest P185/75R13 to $81.30 for the biggest P235/75R15.