Management of the expanding Garfinckel corporation itself was broadingened yesterday with the appointment of 47-year old Manuel Rosenberg as executive vice president for merchandising.

Rosenberg, who will move to Washington from Philadelphia, has been chairman and chief executive of the Gimbel's Department Stores there.

At Garfinckel, Brooks Brothers, Miller & Rhoads Inc., the largest non-food retail firm based in the Washington area. Rosenberg will be in charge of developing marketing, merchandising and sales promotion programs for all the nationwide [TEXT OMITTED FROM THE SOURCES]

Rosenberg will join president David R. Waters and executive vice president Robert G. Vandemark as a member of the top management team at Garfinckel's, which has announced a goal of doubling sales and profits by 1982.


The Washington firm owns Garfinckel's, a specialty chain here; the Richmond-based Miller & Rhoads department stores Brooks Brothers; Miller's department stores; the Joseph R. Harris Co. and Harzfeld's of Kansas City.

As part of its expansion program, Garfinckel's recently acquired Ann Taylor, Inc., and announced an agreement to buy the 73-store Stout Shoope, Inc. chain.

When the Stout Shoppe deal is completed, the Washington company will have 193 stores in 33 states. Rosenberg's appointment was described yesterday as "a major organizational change . . . to facilitate the management of the enlarged company."

Waters said he will have more time to devote to planning and "strategic direction of our business" with the arrival of Rosenberg to direct merchandising Vandemark, the other executive, directs operations and finance.