Health Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph A. Califano yesterday urged businessmen to let the government cross check their payrolls against welfare rolls to find welfare cheaters.

Compression of computer tapes, Califano said, would reveal the names of persons simultaneously holding jobs and collecting welfare. Some workers with large families are eligible for welfare but many are not, he said.

He said the computer crackdown on cheaters is not going to solve the country's welfare problems nor is it going to sell the administration's welfare reform program."We have got to change the system to assure that we can intelligently and efficiently provide funds to the people who nee them." he said.

He said HEW also is mobilizing its computers to find Medicaid cheaters. Similar computerchecking in Washington has foundgovernment employees drawing welfare checks for which they were not eligible and disclosed that some federal employees have failed to repayfederal student loans.

Califanomade the suggestion in a private morning meeting with members of the Business Council, an organization of corporate chief executives and discussed it at a press briefing afterward.

"The response was quite favorable." he said noting that chairmen of twogiant corporations, John deButtsof American Telephone & Telegraph and Frank Cary of International Business Machinealready have promised to cooperate.