I seldom watch TV, but I made an exception this week when the arrival of the new color set coincided with the appearance of Victor Borge and Peter Ustinov on the Merv Griffin show.

During the course of the program, Merv on several occasions announced that the show would return after a commercial break. And each time the entertainment did resume after a series of commercials.

However, at one point in the program, Borge had just begun an interesting reply to a question from Merv when Channel 5 pulled the rug out from under him in mid-syllable and crassly launched into a series of its own local commercials. "You butchers." I shouted at the screen."You barbarians! How could you do such a thing?"

My wife hurried in from the kitchen. "What happened?" she asked anxiously, and I told her. The look of anxiety passed from her face. "Is that all, for heaven's sake?" she said. "The local stations do it all the time. They learned it from the way the networks cram in one more commercial after a time-out ends and play has been resumed. Relax, dear. That's the way television works these days."

Relax, my foot. I wonder what kind of refund a fellow might get on a TV set watched for only one week by a little old man with jaundiced eyes.