A new company, which plans to offer its services as a defender of business against attacks by consumers or the media, has been established in New York city.

Woodrow Wirsig, who recently retired as president of the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York, is president of the new firm, Business Advocacy Center, Inc.

According to Wirsig and co-founder W. Donald Catterson, their new firm offers the follow services to business for a fee that would be negotiated.

Challenging "unfair treatment of business by government agencies, some media and anti-business activists," through monitoring, intervening in cases and "petitioning for redress."

Providing business with "accountability audits, consumer affairs and social audits, counsel and assistance to audit committees to help management improve company procedures in the public interest."

Said Wirsig: "We are answering the need for independent action to underscore the interests business and consumers have in common. The false notion that government must intervene because it regards consumers and business as 'adversaries' has damaged our society."

As an example of the type of work Business Advocacy Center might do for a client, Wirsig said it would monitor media and other alleged sources "of unfairness or hostility," and initiate "corrective action with the government officials, publishers, broadcasters or activists involved."

He compared his firm's activities to the Better Business Bureau system of seeking to resolve consumer complaints about companies. "We expect our complaints to government, media and activists to receive the same consideration that reputable business people give to legitimate consumer complaints presented to the BBB," he stated.

In some cases, Wirsig added, his company may prepare advertising to alert the public "when they are being persistenly missled by someone."

The new company's other major service will attempt to build internal social audits of businesses, developed at the New York Better Business Bureau for years ago.