[TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCES] and rulemakig proceedings have been developed for the first time, procedures for name changes have been simplified, and the ICC has placed before congree a bill asking for authority to exempt from regulation "motor carrier operations found not to be of major significance in carrying out the national transportation policy."

According to the status report, the commission has "instituted rulemaking proceedings on eight recommendations," and is actively considering 22 others. The remaining four have not yet been considered.

The task force recommendations cover five broad areas:

Recommendations concerning the manner in which motor carriers apply to be regulated by the ICC.

Changes in the process of granting or expanding exemptions and easing evidentiary burdens that could facilitate entry into new markets.

Streamlining internal and procedural commission operations.

Calls for further study and analysis on several issues left unresolved by the task force.

Miscellaneous specific proposals aimed at decreasing regulatory activity.

Sources at the ICC say the status report on the deregulation efforts probably will be sent to the White House sometime next week to show staffers working there on derugulation that the ICC has been moving on its own.

"We just want them to know what we are doing," said the source.

In recent weeks, White House staffers heard testimony from several persons whose companies or livelihood would be affected by deregulation.

At present, a study of trucking regulations is now being prepared for the administration by its own staff.