Due to space limitations, editing cuts in a story on a Civil Service Commission report critical of personnel practices at the commodity Futures Trading Commission in Tuesday's edition dropped the agency's response to the findings from the story.

CFTC chairman William T. Bagley noted that the report referred to practices at the agency in its early development, before a permanent government personnel director was on staff to supervise hiring and promotions. He said the violations noted by Civil Service Commission were corrected "almost immediately." Bagly cited an Aug. 5 memo he addressed to the supervisory and personnel staff on the actions to be taken to eliminate the problems.

The chairman also said the CFTC has taken major steps to improve minority hiring at the agency. Since June, he said, three blacks, including one woman, and two white women have been hired for the Division of Enforcement, boosting the percentage of minority employment there from zero to 20 per cent. Five minority summer interns have been hired as law clerks, he noted, and one minority intern has been put on the payroll as an economic technician.

Bagley said the CFTC recruited attorneys at 20 law schools across the nation with high percentages of minority enrollments this fall in order to attract more minority applicants.

The single professional area in which the agency has difficulty hiring minorities and women is agricultural economics, he said. "There's a dearth of minorities in that field," Bagley said. "The only people who seem to go into ag economics are white, Protestant farm kids. But we're doing everything we can to balance our hiring."