American Motors Corp. is voluntarily recalling 2,071 new Gremlins for inspection of a possible defect that could cause a short circuit, the auto maker said yesterday.

The potential problem on 1978 models with four-cylinder engines and four-speed manual transmissions exists between the clutch linkage and the instrument panel wiring, AMC said.

AMC said no accidents or injuries had been reported because of the defeat. Dealers are to correct the problem at no cost.

A baby stroller manufacturer yesterday announced a voluntary repair program involving 40,000 potentially defective portable strollers.

Gerico, Inc., of Boulder, Col., said it has agreed to recall two models at the request of the Consumer Products Safety Commission to repair defective locking devices which could cause the stroller to collapse forward on the child.

The models involved are Gerry Carryfree, wtih numbers of 0-95, 0-99, 0100, 0-110 and Sears 'Stroll 'N Fold model number 36443. The models were manufactured between Jan. 10, 1977 and Feb. 25, 1977. The strollers can be identified by a four-digit code number, ranging from 7010 through 7056, which is stamped on the strap located beneath the stroller seat.

The strollers retailed at about $25 each and were sold at Sears Roebuck & Co. and other retail stores around the country. Consumers should contact the store where they purchased the stroller or the manufacturer to have the models repaired.

No injuries due to the defect have been reported, the company said.

A recall of breathing regulators used by skin divers was announced yesterday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The commission said U.S. Divers Co. of Santa Ana, Calif., recalling all regulators it has sold since Dec. 1, 1976.

The exact number of regulators involved was not immediately available, but several thousand reportedly are involved nationwide.

The scuba regulators contain a potentially defective clamp ring that can cause unseating of the diaphragm, resulting in water blocking the airflow, the commission said.

The regulators were sold under the model names Conshelf XII, Conshelf Supreme, Calypso Jr., Calypso IV, Aquarius, Octopus and Hookah.

Owners of the suspect regulators were urged to stop using them and to take them to the nearest U.S. Divers Co. dealer for replacement of the clamp ring.

Further information is available from U.S. Divers Co., Customer Service Department, 3323 West Warner Ave., Santa Ana, Calif. 92707.

Recalls of 7,400 Mack trucks and 2,000 Mazda rotary engine cars were announced yesterday by the National Transportation Safety Administration.

The truck problem is a deficiency in the welds that hold the rear axle spring insulator bracket to the axle housing. The agency said failure of the welds could lead to loss of vehicle control. Involved are certain Mack models equipped with SWTL56, SW56 and SW57 rear tandem wheels.

The Mazdas are being recalled for correction of a carburetor problem that could result in fuel leakage and engine compartment fire. They are 1976 RX-3 sedans, coupes and station wagons with manual transmissions that were sold in the United States.

The trouble is caused by a loose plug on the carburetor. It will be corrected with a sealant.

Owners of the affected trucks and cars will receive recall notices from the manufacturers.