Three auto makers have announced separate recalls involving 2.13 million cars, 2 million motorcycles and 5.884 trucks and buses because of potential defects.

Chrysler Corp. yesterday recalled 1.3 million cars to fix engines that tend to stall.

The cars had been the subject of an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which said it might order a recall if Chrysler failed to do so.

The cars affected are the Dodge Dart and Aspen and Plymouth Valiant and Volare from the 1975, 1976 and 1977 model years equipped with 225-cubic inch six-cylinder or 318-cubic inch V-8 engines.

The stalling aries from problems with the accelerator pump seal in the carburetor caused by some unleaded gasolines, or with the emsision control exhaust recirculation value.

Honda Motor Co. of Japan announced the recall of more than 2 million motorcycles with defective fuel tank caps and 830,000 passenger cars with a defective exhaust gas control switch.

Honda officials said the motorcycles included "Honda Dream" and "Honda Benly" models produced between March 1969 and July 1977. Of the total 1,390,000 motorcycles were exported to the United States and 520,000 others were exported mainly to Europe, Canada and Australia, the officials said.

The vehicles' fuel tank cap might open when the motorcycle fails, resulting in fire, the officials said.

The officials said the defective passenger cars are Honda Civic and Accord models manufactured between December 1973 and August 1977. Of these, 423,000 cars were exported to the U.S. and 4,000 to Canada.

And Toyota Motor Co. said it will recall 5,884 trucks and buses because of wheel defects.

Toyota told the Japanese Transport Ministry that its "Dyna" trucks and "Coaster" buses have defective wheel nut holders which could loosen while in motion. None of the vehicles were sold in the U.S.