Deposits of banks in the Maryland suburbs of Washington rose approximately 13 percent last year to a record $2.98 billion, according to a survey by The Washington Post.

It was the second consecutive strong year for the Maryland-based institutions, whose deposits advanced by 15 percent during the previous year for the largest regional gain in this area.

Generally, 1977 was a period of banner deposit expansion not matched since the boom years of the 1960s. As reported earlier, deposits of D.C.-based banks rose 14 percent last year to a record $4.945 billion following two years of increases at about half the 1977 growth pace.

Increased deposits last year reflected a resurgence of the region's economic activity, following recession and a period of slow recovery.

Among the largest increases reported in the Maryland suburbs were those of American Bank in Silver Spring, under a new management ($192 million vs. $156 million a year earlier); Citizens bank & Trust Co. ($459 million vs. $391 million); Suburban Trust ($950 million vs. $805 million), and area offices of Maryland National ($213 million vs. $168 million). Figures in the following table for such Baltimore-based institutions as Marynat, First National Bank of Maryland, Equitable Trust and Union Trust represent Washington suburban deposits only.(TABLE) (COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1977(COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1976(COLUMN)Dec. 31, 1975 American Bank(COLUMN)$ 191,816,482(COLUMN)$ 155,797,466(COLUMN)$ 162,944,000 Bk, of Bethesda(COLUMN) 63,489,848(COLUMN) 57,122,552(COLUMN) 55,533,619 Bk. of Brandywine(COLUMN) 19,901,144(COLUMN) 16,784,310(COLUMN) 14,806,761 Bk. of Damacus(COLUMN) 37,812,559(COLUMN) 32,615,467(COLUMN) 27,682,630 Bk. of Maryland(COLUMN) 63,418,520(COLUMN) 57,301,887(COLUMN) 50,199,161 Central National(COLUMN) 39,146,523(COLUMN) 34,785,479(COLUMN) 29,29,592,090 Century Nation(COLUMN) 17,865,000(COLUMN) 7,334,000(COLUMN)- Cit. B&T of Md.(COLUMN) 458,874,249(COLUMN) 391,515,311(COLUMN) 366,662,116 Cit. Nat. Bk(COLUMN) 86,523,316(COLUMN) 66,531,183(COLUMN) 65,816,420 Equitable Trust(COLUMN) 110,129,000(COLUMN) 85,425,000(COLUMN) 78,018,506 1st Nat. Bk. Md.(COLUMN) 114,558,130(COLUMN) 117,507,343(COLUMN) 95,845,347 1st Nat. Bk. S. Md.(COLUMN) 66,243,796(COLUMN) 61,481,100(COLUMN) 58,769,834 kennedy B&T(COLUMN) 25,715,018(COLUMN) 29,650,309(COLUMN) 18,557,163 Lincoln Nat.(COLUMN) 14,066,883(COLUMN) 9,390,101(COLUMN)- Maryland B&T(COLUMN) 30,649,883(COLUMN) 28,647,545(COLUMN) 25,383,131 Maryland Nat.(COLUMN) 212,533,601(COLUMN) 168,395,508(COLUMN) 164,380,441 Peoples Security(COLUMN) 122,917,619(COLUMN) 100,210,000(COLUMN) 89,081,010 Potomac Valley Bk.(COLUMN) 49,856,415(COLUMN) 35,830,950(COLUMN) 30,876,892 Sandy Spring Nat.(COLUMN) 49,637,014(COLUMN) 44,661,289(COLUMN) 37,065,000 State National(COLUMN) 91,856,843(COLUMN) 72,269,954(COLUMN) 50,420,241 Suburban Tr.(COLUMN) 950,129,859(COLUMN) 804,652,316(COLUMN) 830,613,274 Union Tr. Md.(COLUMN) 94,629,758(COLUMN) 73,396,872(COLUMN) 69,954,816 United B&T(COLUMN) 27,940,00(COLUMN) 26,692,000(COLUMN) 24,741,700 University nat. Bk.(COLUMN) 115,594,220(COLUMN) 96,833,429(COLUMN) 89,043,000 TOTALS(COLUMN)$2,983,107,314(COLUMN)$2,643,735,799(COLUMN)$2,297,614,325(END TABLE)